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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Stephanie Scott {of First and Last PR}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Stephanie Scott is the definition of #girlboss — except she’s taking it way beyond that. As the CEO and Communicator-in-Chief of First and Last PR, she is working to empower women and men in the cosmetics and communications industries to “positively take control of their career paths.” The First and Last PR Foundation’s site is littered with inspirational quotations, which echoes the resources they provide, such as self-empowering activities, workshops, and educational series. While Stephanie is busy motivating the people with whom she works through the First and Last PR company and foundation, we wanted to bring her story to you, as our featured Hoboken Girl of the Week. Here, she discusses being a beauty and a foodie, finding backyard bliss, and when you definitely shouldn’t apply the five second rule.

On what inspires her:

Our future is my biggest source of inspiration. I see beauty everywhere and try to see it in everyone. I love meeting new people and learning about their life stories. We’re all so different and yet have so much in common. I feel that if people communicated more, or listened better, this world could be a better place.

Her own goals + passions:

Personal Goals: Tackling the backyard! There are so many possibilities, and what feels like so little time.
Professional Goals: To continue to grow the business in a smart and steady way.
My Passion: Growing our foundation. We started the First and Last PR Foundation towards the end of last year to help empower and educate women and men working in the cosmetics and communications industries. Our first fundraiser, the Art of Seduction dance class class taught by Miss Ksyn, is set for September 23rd at Ripley Studios. I would love to see the class sell out and make our sponsors happy with great feedback on their products and their partnership with us. I’d also love to see more volunteers, provide more opportunities for our volunteers, and then be able to reach more people.

On what a “typical day” looks like:

Working in public relations means that every day is different. One day, I’m planning the launch of a cool new product, and the next one I’m on a photoshoot, and the next I’m reviewing budgets and making sure that we’re on target — which for me means operating under budget. I usually use the morning to get centered and focus on the business side of our business. Once we officially open, I dedicate most of the day to story and client follow-up, brainstorming and planning, and following up on leads in the works.

The highs and lows of her job:

I don’t have many lows, but about a week ago, I tried juggling work and lunch by running out to the Post Office and eating on my way. I usually bring my lunch to work, but the sandwiches at Super Hero Sub {on Bergen Ave} are sooooo good. I was smelling the oil and vinegar, tomato, and lettuce on my way to the Post Office, so I tried to take a bite. But somehow, half of the sub wound up on the car floor. Both epic fail and epic low. I thought about the five second rule, but I’m not sure that it applies to chopped lettuce — plus I couldn’t reach it with my seatbelt on.

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My highs are mostly every day when I see that things are working and going according to plan!

About her life + career highlights… so far:

I’ve done a lot of things {from working as a beauty editor at top beauty magazines to working with Usher} that people would consider “exciting,” but I have to say that opening and maintaining the doors of my company, First and Last PR, has been the most rewarding. In addition to all of the amazing work that we do, we’ve also initiated programs that help people’s lives. That means the most. There’s a little voice that speaks to me at the end of each day to let me know that I’m doing the right thing. I feel so fortunate for that.

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Advice to someone trying to pursue this {or any!} career path:

Anything worth having in life requires hard work and dedication. Stay focused and keep your eye on the end journey, not each turn on the road. Look for a mentor and when you find him or her, ask how you can make their lives easier rather than asking them for something. You will learn so much more by doing things yourself — that training is invaluable. This will help you to decide on your voice, what you believe in, and shape what you ultimately want to impact in this world.

What she loves about the area:

I’m a Jersey Girl, but have been in Chill Town JC for less than a year. I’m loving making JC my own! Since I recently moved to JC, my days off as of late have been devoted to unpacking and decorating. But, I love the family feel of Hoboken and how every block has its own sense of character yet it all seems to fit. Also that V Nails is open late weeknights. Being a working gal, finding places that I love with hours that fit my schedule is priceless.There’s a foodie inside of this beauty so I love exploring new foods at restaurants, farmer’s markets and food truck events. I’m really looking forward to trying new things – there are so many great options!

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Hudson County Favorites:


In Hoboken, it’s 10th And Willow – their food is soooo good! In Jersey City, Krispy Kreme is super obvious, so I’ll say it’s a tie between Ola Empanadas {addicted} and Orale Mexican near Grove Street.


There are so many! Taproot Organics in JC has awesome handmade soaps. Anthropologie in Hoboken and Dor L’Dor are also super cute. There was a Dor L’Dor one block away from our office in Englewood, NJ so it’s nice to find this one here, too. There’s also an amazing plant shop on JFK Boulevard called The Plant House in Jersey City that makes me feel like I’m in the Botanical Gardens every time I go. They have a huge variety of great quality plants.

Guilty Pleasures

Visit Bliss at the W for a massage. It’s nice to get away from the world yet still be close to home. And my backyard… soon 🙂

Workout Spot

Liberty State Park. It’s so close by and the views are amazing! Did you catch the rainbow the other evening?!

Place to take friends

If we’re not brunching at my place or strolling Washington Street (Hoboken), I like meeting with friends at Porta (JC) for brick oven pizza or Milk Sugar Love for ice cream. I love J Nails in JC! The service is amazing, it’s clean, relaxing and they have colors for days. I also like taking the classes at Home Depot to learn how to build/fix things at home or if the service pros are doing it right should I have to call someone. I also learn a lot of good tips for events at the classes. #beautynerd

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What she’d like see come to town:

I’m still in search for a hair salon that caters to curly and straight hair with luxury conditioning treatments.

…Also, a super modern post office. As a business owner in Jersey City, I notice how many people use the post office and would love to have more automated machines to process pre-paid mail, stamp machines and more modern conveniences including 24 hours drop-off for when we’re express shipping editor packages.


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