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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Mary Carlomagno, Author

by Hoboken Girl Team
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ATTENTION SHOPAHOLICS — if you have a closet packed with clothes and nothing to wear, then listen up. You need to be introduced to this week’s featured Hoboken Girl — Mary Carlomagno — a self-proclaimed “shopaholic in recovery” who turned her addiction into a career. For the past ten years, she’s been helping other “shopping challenged” people in Hoboken and New York sort through their closets, their buyer’s remorse, and their lives.  As someone who is absolutely obsessed with order, she named her company after exactly that — Order {orderperiod.com}. While her career began taking flight, she started writing about her journey and published three non-fiction books on this very topic — which have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Program and the Today Show. Though she now lives in the suburbs, Mary is still a Hoboken girl at heart, so we chatted with her about her career, her life, her Order, and of course, what she loves about the Mile Square. Read on, shopaholics, and take a page out of Mary’s book — literally!

About Mary

On what inspires her

My biggest source of inspiration is books. Ever since I was a child and was able to read, I have read every day. Judy Blume books were my favorite and she inspired a career in book publishing and my journey as an author.

Her goals for this year

My goal is to sell the movie rights to this book and do some cross-country travel with my family.

A day in the life

My typical day involves getting my children happy and satisfied before they get up and going to school or their various social activities. Truth be known, their social life is far better than mine at the moment. My work life is a roller coaster, I still do regular television spots as an organizing expert and write frequently about organizing. Most recently, my focus has been on promoting Best Friend for Hire and thinking about the next one!

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About the highs, lows, and most rewarding part of her job

The highs of the job are helping people who are truly ready to change. The lows of the job usually involve people who don’t want to change. There is nothing pleasant about trying to convince a hoarder that they do not need to keep a “perfectly good plastic bag from Shop Rite” …or three hundred of them for that matter.

But, the most rewarding part of my job is hearing from readers about how they enjoyed my books. I believe that humor is at the heart of everything. I think we need more laughter and humor in this world, in general!

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How she spends her days off

Since I’ve lived in Hoboken for almost 20 years, my idea of country life had been a visit to the Woodbury Commons Mall. But, I love to travel and I love the beach. I spend most of time thinking about food or finding new ways to prepare it.

Her advice to someone trying to pursue this career path

Just start! Don’t let fear or inexperience stop you.

About her Hoboken favorites

Favorite Restaurant

That is really hard, I love Elysian, because we lived “upstairs” from there for many years, but Augustinos is also a favorite.

Favorite boutique in Hoboken

I love Rubee’s Closet! My friend owns the store and she always picks out cool things for me. She mostly does online sales now, but that does not stop me from finding her to do personal styling.

What she loves most about Hoboken

Walking, not driving. The waterfront view in particular is something that I can never get tired of.

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Favorite thing to do in town

I love the nightlife and seeing live music. Maxwells, of course!

How long have you lived and/or worked in Hoboken or Jersey City?

17 years

Favorite outdoor place

Does outside at the Elysian count?

Favorite place to work out

Devotion Yoga

Where she brings friends


What she thinks needs to come to town

I was so happy to see a great bookstore come back to Hoboken, so that’s covered. I love wine, so more tasting bars, please! {We second that request.}

About the book – Best Friend for Hire

Let me tell you about you more about me and my book! As mentioned, the book, which takes place in New Jersey, has a strong Bruce Springsteen story line {I am a long time New Jersey resident, having left the state, only for two weeks at any given time!}.

Here is the book synopsis:

Jersey Girl Jessie DeSalvo has her dream job at one of New York’s top publishing companies. After ten years of hard work, the day of her big promotion has arrived. Unfortunately, her company has other ideas. Instead of a corner office, Jessie is handed her pink slip.

Left with little more than her cell phone and an unusable contact list, Jessie retreats to less-than-fashionable Hoboken, New Jersey, to figure out her life — and deal with the attentions of her loving but inquisitive Italian-American family. Then she accidentally stumbles into a career as a professional best friend — by helping friends and strangers straighten out whatever is wrong with their lives. Her jobs include planning the New Jersey wedding of the year and saving a bankrupt rock club in town. Soon, things get complicated when she falls in love with the club manager — and promises an appearance by Bruce Springsteen.

In the end, Jessie realizes that not even “The Boss” can make things right — and that she needs to become her own best friend to be truly happy.

Want to learn more about Mary? Here’s how to get in touch:
[email protected]
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