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Meet the Finalists of Hoboken Girl‘s Puppy Bowl 2022 — CAST YOUR VOTE!

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Following possibly the cutest (and most difficult) deliberation ever, the top nine finalists for our 2nd Annual Hoboken Girl Puppy Photo Bowl have been selected! 

hoboken girl puppy bowl

Voting will take place from Wednesday, February 9th to Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 15th. You can vote as many times as you want within that time frame.

Thank you to all the dog parents who submitted photos of their fur babies AND who donated to Wise Animal Rescue! Keep reading to cast your vote and crown one dog as the winner (of some amazing local prizes!). We will also be donating a portion of the sponsorship fees to Wise Animal Rescue.

VOTING BELOW – first, a look at our top 9:

The Finalists

Quail, the Kooikerhondje Mix

hoboken girl puppy quail

Quail’s owner shared with us:

The Station Hoboken
Vepo Clean

“Quail is about 3 years old, and we think is part Kooikerhondje. My brother found her abandoned in a park in Palmdale, CA and when the local shelter wasn’t able to take her in, he sent us a picture…and we instantly knew she was meant to be ours. We had just made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding, so she truly was our silver lining of 2020. We named her after our wedding venue (Quail Ranch) and this past fall, she visited her namesake to walk down the aisle as our flower girl! Quail loves chasing squirrels, frolicking in the grass, and begging for Greek Yogurt in the mornings.”

Bodhi, the Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix

IG: @backpack_Bodhi

Zap Fitness

hoboken girl puppy bodhi

Bodhi’s owner shared with us:

“Bodhi was rescued by Heart & Bones Animal Rescue from Dallas, Texas in 2017. He went from being a street dog to wearing cute hoodies, having his own seat at outdoor restaurants, and joining mom & dad on their honeymoon. He knows lots of commands but knows them even better when you have a treat in your hand. Bodhi is incredibly smart, lovable, and sweet. We know we are so lucky to have him in our lives and love him beyond words.”

Tugg, the Boxer Mix

IG: @thelifeof_tugg

hoboken girl puppy tugg

Tugg’s owner shared with us: 

“Tugg is a Boxer mix rescue that came from the woods of Virginia and now happily lives in Hoboken with myself and my partner. He loves going to the dog parks around Hoboken to play with his friends and you can often find him jogging along the water. When Tugg isn’t protecting his neighborhood from the squirrels and birds of Hoboken, he enjoys hiking and going on fun road trips with his humans.”

Kika, the Mini Australian Shepherd

hoboken girl puppy kika

Kika’s owner shared with us:

“Kika is a seven-month-old tiny mini Australian Shepherd. She loves human herding, ball fetching, and cuddling. She’s never met a piece of cheese she doesn’t love and is always up for a crunchy treat from Cornerstone Pets. Kika just finished healing from a fractured leg under the great care of the Animal Infirmary and is excited to finally run along the waterfront and meet new friends.”

Avery, the Chocolate Labrador

hoboken girl puppy avery

Avery’s owner shared with us:

“Avery is a purebred Chocolate Labrador who was rescued in Tennessee. My boyfriend and I had been looking into fostering dogs when suddenly a coordinator from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue called me [about Avery] and I immediately said yes to fostering her. When I got her a few days later, we had an absolute instant connection and I signed the adoption papers that night. In many ways, I believe Avery was meant to come to help me just as much as I was meant to help her. She loves playing fetch, playing with other dogs, swimming, and saying hi to everyone in town.”

Bo, the Frenchie/Boston Terrier Mix

hoboken girl puppy bo

Bo’s owner shared with us:

“Bo is a little over one year old and a Frenchie/Boston Terrier mix. He has big puppy energy and loves to run laps at Church Square Park, followed by a ‘coffee’ at MOJO (yes, he knows what coffee means!). Not a fan of the cold Hoboken weather, he’s recently started faking injuries, tricking mom into carrying him home on walks!”

Stella, the Boxer Mix

hoboken girl stella

Stella’s owner shared with us:

“Stella is our 3-year-old fur baby. We rescued her from Best Friends New York when she was only two months old. Since then, she has filled our lives with so much joy. Stella is the life of the party, she never meets a stranger, and loves exploring Jersey City and Hoboken with her parents.”

Callie, the Cockapoo

IG: @calliethecockapoo127

hoboken girl puppy callie

Callie’s owner shared with us:

“Callie is a one-year-old cockapoo who has lived her entire life in Hoboken. She may be small but she has a huge personality, the perfect mix of sassy and sweet. Callie loves turning down 9th Street to stop in Cornerstone Pets, saying hi to everyone she meets, playing with her furry friends at daycare, peanut butter, and running away from her mom when she has something she’s not supposed to have. Callie’s favorite games are chase and fetch.”

Sophia, the Black Labrador Mix

hoboken girl puppy sophia

Sophia’s owner shared with us:

“Sophia is a little over five months old. She is a black lab mix and has quite possibly the cutest fuzzy ears you ever did see! Her nickname is Soapy. Sophia was found down in Georgia with her sisters and was rescued by Wise Animal Rescue. Her favorite treats are the EcoKind Yak Chews and ice cubes and her favorite color is purple. She loves the dog park, getting the zoomies, and cuddling up as close as possible to mom and dad. She makes the cutest rawr sound when she yawns and barks in her sleep. Sophia just recently learned to play fetch and now she can’t get enough. She loves her trips to Cornerstone pets because she always comes home with a treat.”

Submit your name + email below and then you’ll be able to VOTE for your favorite pup. (You can vote as many times as you want, now until 11:59PM on Sunday, 2/13)

The Prizes

Cornerstone Pets | 105 9th Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @cornerstonepets

Giveaway Gift + Value: $100 gift card

Madison Bar & Grill | 1316 Washington Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @_madisonbarandgrill

Giveaway Gift + Value: $75 Gift Certificate

The Pawty Shoppe + Hound Around Dog Walkers | 516 Adams Street, Hoboken

IG Handle: @thepawtyshoppe + @houndarounddogwalkers

Giveaway Gift + Value: Any Pawty Pail (value up to $125)


Cast your votes starting today through Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM.

Stay tuned for this year’s crowned winner on Tuesday, February 15th.

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