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Hoboken Girl of the Week: Aly Mang {of The Balanced Beauty}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Hoboken Girl of the Week is here! We know that we don’t post every week…but it’s definitely an extra special week when we do. This week features a very special Hoboken girl named Aly Mang. Aly is a certified Holistic Health Coach and the Owner/Founder of The Balanced Beauty.

Coach Aly Mang_TheBalancedBeauty

The Balanced Beauty is a private holistic health coaching business founded to “empower and encourage women to put a premium on their health and choose healthy.” Clients seek Coach Aly’s assistance in achieving their weight loss, diet and fitness goals and value her hands-on approach, as she provides each client with a personalized experience, customized to their unique needs and goals. The Balanced Beauty’s powerful mission statement is, “Join the revolution to empower, encourage, and inspire women everywhere to CHOOSE healthy and SHINE from the inside out.”  She encourages young girls and women to shift their thinking and believe in themselves, not compare themselves to others and provides daily tips, strategies and best practices for mindful, positive, healthy choices; helping her clients stay on track to achieve their goals and live a happy, healthy life!

Editors Note: Aly is a proud “Hoboken girl” and is joining forces with HobokenGirl.com by contributing to a monthly column where she will scope out and report back to readers on the best healthy eats in restaurants around town! As a health coach, she will be selecting menus we all love but help us determine which are the healthier options to select when dining out or ordering in!


AlyMang_The Balanced Beauty

 Of course, we couldn’t let Aly go without our Hoboken Girl of the Week Q’s:

1. What is your favorite restaurant in Hoboken?

I love Anthony David’s! It’s the perfect, cozy spot for brunch and dinner. The menu is filled with gourmet, fine-dining options and while Hoboken takes some heat for not being “New York City,” this restaurant is on par, if not better than many of NYC’s hot spots. The at-home feel takes you out of the city and makes you feel like you’re in someone’s home. It is also nice to be served by the same wait staff for the past 5+ years. They are obviously not leaving for a reason and they have come to feel like family!


2. What is your favorite boutique in Hoboken?

I love jewelry and accessories, especially gems, boho-chic, and antique meaningful pieces, so Aaraa is a great little spot to find some treasures!


3. What is your favorite place to go out in Hoboken?

There is nothing better than going out for a walk or run down by the water. One of the main reasons I love Hoboken so much is because of the breathtaking views of the city skyline.


4. What do you love most about living in Hoboken?

I am truly a “Hoboken Girl,” because I love everything about it! While it is a city, it has a small-town feel and there is a sense of community. I love that it is convenient to get into the city via PATH, ferry or bus. You have access to great stores, food, bars, salons, local businesses, a movie theater…And the best part is they are all within walking distance. I know it was ranked one of the “top cities to live in the US” recently and I completely agree!


5. What is your favorite outdoor place to hang out?

As previously mentioned, I love any area down by the water. It is so peaceful and calming and it’s a great place to spend reading, walking, or running while looking at the gorgeous city skyline; however, to hang out late-night, I enjoy a cocktail at the Chandelier Room’s outdoor balcony within the W hotel. I don’t think any other outdoor place beats the combination of good drinks, chic atmosphere, and unbeatable view of the empire state building. I love any excuse to get dressed up, so if I am heading out with a group of my girls, this would be the outdoor hang-spot of choice!


6. Advice for Hoboken girls:

Hoboken is such a great place to be young and active. My advice is to support local business, get involved in activities around the city, and appreciate the beauty all around. From the beautiful scenic skyline, to some of the old churches and architecture, to the amazing bars and restaurants Hoboken has a lot to offer. Take advantage…it truly is a special place to live!



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