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14 Hoboken Residents Share the Hoboken Meals That are {Potentially} Better Than Sex

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Let’s face it — sometimes when you wanna “Netflix and Chill” you actually want to Netflix and chill {…and order delivery}. The food in Hoboken is pretty slammin’ as a whole, and since we couldn’t narrow down our favorite spots to grab a bite that were hands-down the BEST ever {just too many to choose from!}, we figured we’d ask the masses — aka you. So here, Hoboken residents are weighing in on the foods that are “better than sex” if that is actually possible. Below, the answers to the food you should be eating RN.

What Hoboken meal is better than sex? Yeah, we went there.



“The Ainsworth’s mac and cheese burger 100%!!!!” ~ Cassie, 23

“Fried chicken sandwich with truffle fries at White Star in Jersey City.”

“Burrata and honey from Otto Strada. Absolutely LIFE-CHANGING!” ~Meg, 30

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La Isla Stuffed French Toast. Enough said.” ~Dianne, 24

“Otto Strada everything but mostly the Linguini con Pesto di Pepe Rosso which is a roasted red pepper sauce topped with goat cheese. It’s out of control.” ~ Ashley, 26

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“The salmon eggs benedict at Elysian. I have a thing for eggs benedict, and this one seriously takes the cake. Or should we say mimosa.” ~ Jane, 35

Insomnia Cookies. I may or may not have ordered them after sex, we’ll leave it at that.” ~ Tim, 24

“Green curry with shrimp from Satay on the corner of Washington and Newark Street. It’s small hole-in-the-wall kind of spot, but the best food I have tasted since living in Hoboken for a few years!” ~ Paula, 25

“Wings from Carpe Diem. They are to die for.” ~ Nellie, 27

Cafe Michelina’s chicken parm BUT I ask them to use their vodka sauce instead of red sauce. Amazing — and as good as sex…maybe better.” ~ Kelly, 23

Karma Kafe. I miss it. And that’s not to say it’s *better* than sex, but it definitely will make you too full, happy, and sleepy to enjoy sex post-food coma.” ~ Sean, 37

“Warm doughnuts from Anthony David’s. Or a milkshake from Schnackenbergs. But I have to say that this is a tough question, because I love sex.” ~ John, 29

“If you haven’t had a roast beef and mutz sandwich from Fiore’s then you haven’t lived.” ~ Kurt, 44

Baonanas. That stuff is like CRACK — but made with bananas. You can get it at Baking Mama on Hudson Street.” ~ Jess, 31

“Hands down the bread and butter {omg that butter!} at Razza in Jersey City is sex on a plate! Throw in a cocktail, the kale caesar, and their homemade meatballs andyou’ve got the perfect date night meal. And did I mention the wood-fired pizza?! So good — it’s inspiration to go home for the real thing!” ~Emily, 28

O-Bagel pork roll egg and cheese.” ~ Zach, 20

Agree? Disagree? Have one to add? Comment below!

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