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Hoboken Fitness: {Run} This Town

by Jennifer Tripucka
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All you need for this workout are your sneaks!

All you need for this workout are your sneaks!

As much fun as I’ve been having recently trying tons of different workouts throughout Hoboken, sometimes it feels really good to go back to the basics, aka running. The problem for me is that I, for one, run like Phoebe from Friends. {If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here you go. You’re welcome.} The other problem is that I get lazy and want to quit after a couple of blocks.

But with lots of fun life events coming up {weddings, vacations and work events, oh my!} I knew that it was time to dust off my running shoes and get back out there.

To look like a housewife, you have to follow their advice.  Source: realitytvgifs.colm

To look like a housewife, you have to follow their advice.
Source: realitytvgifs.colm

Enter I Can 413, a running bootcamp for those of us that aren’t quite at Usain Bolt levels of fitness.

For the session I went to, we met on Pier A to kick off an outdoor workout that lasted 45 minutes. We kicked it off with 15 minutes of running at a pretty easy pace. {Sorry peeps, I forgot to wear my running watch, but I think we were definitely running 11-plus minute miles. Not killer.} I was really nervous about being the slow person that couldn’t keep up, but Danielle, who runs I Can 413, adjusted the pace to those of us that met up. I was surprised at the fact that I could keep up a conversation the entire time we were jogging.

After 15 minutes, we stopped to do some dynamic stretching {aka stretching while you are moving, as opposed to just holding a stretch} and some other plyometric exercises like burpees {Jesus, take the wheel!} and mountain climbers {ouch!}. This part of the workout was definitely the most challenging, but we ran through the exercises fast enough that I didn’t have time to get too tired.

After that, we jogged to get back to where we started on Pier A. Again, the pace was comfortable enough that I could maintain a conversation, which kept me going way longer than I would have run on my own. {We chatted about where we could find cute, affordable workout clothes, which every girl can relate to as a struggle!}

After some traditional stretching, we wrapped up our quick, efficient {and social!} workout. I will definitely be rejoining I Can 413 for some future runs. Besides races, I had never run with anyone else before and I was pleasantly surprised at how much more motivation it gave me. Plus, with a view like we have in Hoboken, how can you say no?

Hudson filter on the Hudson River.

Hudson filter on the Hudson River.

A one-night fee at I Can 413 is $25; an eight-week package is $160. Danielle offers nutritional advice as well. For more information, you can visit their website. {Also, since it’s an outdoor workout,  it’s worth mentioning that you should just bring what you don’t mind carrying with you for the rest of your sweat sesh.}

Kelsey is a brunch-obsessed, sun worshiping wine drinker who has the crazy goal of trying every fitness activity in Hoboken. You can follow her workout adventures at hungoverbuthealthy.com and twitter.com/hungoverfitness.

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