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Hoboken Fitness: Not Your {Mama’s} Workout

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Who run the world? {Girls, duh.} Source: VixenArmy.Tumblr.com

Who run the world? {Girls, duh.} 

When you think of exercising, you don’t usually think of slapping your own butt, yelling  “OOOOOH, I LOOK GOOD!” or swinging your hair around like you’re auditioning to be a Pussycat Doll, right? Up until last week, I felt the same way–these seemed like activities better suited for a 21st birthday party in Vegas than the gym. That is, until I tried Vixen Workout and did all of these things in a one-hour class while still burning calories.

This is a women-only hip-hop cardio class that is “inspired by moves performed by your favorite artists and the Miami nightlife,” according to the website.

The class I went to consisted of a mix of dance routines {this is where that hair swinging came in} and strength exercises set to music {think squats and planks}. The music was by far the best part of the workout–it resembled what you would hear out on the last girls night/bachelorette party you went to, so lots of Usher, Beyonce and Ciara.

What you should expect is much more of a club atmosphere than your typical dance class. The lights were turned down low and there was a lot {A LOT!} of shaking your butt  in the direction of the mirror.

The tone of the class was to leave your shyness at the door, so even though there were some moves in class that I’m sure would make my grandma clutch her pearls, I decided to have fun with it. It was 100% impossible for me to keep a straight face for most of the moves, but there were enough newbies in class and the lights were low enough that I didn’t feel too self conscious. {The milkshake? I mean, I have to laugh at myself.}

The website says that newcomers can expect to burn between 400 and 600 calories per class, while “veteran vixens” can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. The next day, my arms were insanely sore and my legs felt pretty worked out, too.

Because of its girl power-vibe, I would definitely recommend this workout for a fun night out with your ladies, but I would make 100% sure that these are people that you won’t feel awkward crawling on the floor in front of. {This happened. So maybe don’t invite your coworkers or your mom?}

After a Vixen class, you will be beyond prepared for the next time you want to channel your 21st birthday club hopping self. {And no one can judge you for what you do in the da club or in class. It’s like the rules of feminism or something.}

Wise words from Mean Girls. Source: HuffingtonPost.com

Wise words from Mean Girls

Classes are $18 and held on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 8 p.m. at Sky Club Fitness. There is a place to change, and ladies kept their bags in the back of the class while twerking it out.



Kelsey is a brunch-obsessed, sun worshiping wine drinker who has the crazy goal of trying every fitness activity in Hoboken. You can follow her workout adventure at hungoverbuthealthy.com and twitter.com/hungoverfitness.

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