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Need some fitspiration? Look no further than Krank's walls.

Need some fitspiration? Look no further than Krank’s walls.

With bikini season just around the corner (who’s ready for tanning on Pier A!?), I know that I need to step up my fitness routine. This made me extra excited to try out a class at newly-opened Krank Hoboken, which promises to deliver results with a hardcore workout.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty terrified when I walked in and saw all the equipment that I’d never tried before–there were battling ropes, resistance bands and dog sleds, just to name a few. My first thought was: “Dear Whitney Houston in heaven…am I going to survive this?”

Me, when I found out what my workout would entail. Source: realitytvgifs.com.

Me, when I found out what my workout would entail.
Source: realitytvgifs.com.

Fortunately, after a mild internal 20 second freak out, head trainer and studio co-owner Rob, introduced himself and promised me that he would modify things for me and my jello arms.

We started off with foam rolling, which I had also never tried before. For those of you that are foam rolling newbies, it’s basically a foam tube that you sit, lean, and/or roll on to stretch out and massage your muscles. It can be a bit painful when you first do it, but, fortunately, I have a high tolerance for pain (thanks tattoos!), so it actually felt great before what was sure to be an intense workout.

We started off class with some very basic exercises, like crunches, jumping jacks and leg lifts. If you’ve been to a high school gym class in the last 50 years, you will recognize these moves and crush this part of class.

After these initial exercises to get our heart rates up, we moved on to other more challenging moves. This class was set up for students to rotate between a number of exercises per section. The great thing about it was that Rob modified each of the circuits for the student depending on injuries or strength level, so I started off with shoulder presses, pull ups on TRX straps and squats while holding a kettlebell. This part was challenging, but survivable.

Then we took it to the next level and had me cycle through push ups (Those aforementioned jello arms? ON FIRE NOW.), ball slams and pushing the dog sled back and forth across the gym with 90 pounds on it. It may have been the fatigue, but this was for sure the most challenging part of class. There was barely any hope for my push ups or pushing the dog sled back and forth, but I had a blast slamming a ball filed with sand down and then doing squats. (Pro tip: I just imagined an ex-boyfriend’s face, and suddenly it was so much easier to slam that bad boy down.)

This is a dog sled, aka my greatest nemesis.

This is a dog sled, aka my greatest nemesis.

I’ll be honest with you, the workout at Krank was tough and I was pretty sore after my first class, but I can see how consistently working out there would leave you ripped. What I loved about it was the fact that things are tailored to your fitness level, so you don’t have to worry about being a strength training newbie. Also, the music was fun, so it made it that much easier to push through a workout while Kanye was blasting. I’ll definitely be back for another workout once my soreness subsides–and to conquer that dog sled.

Krank, located at 333 Newark Street in the Neumann Building, offers nutritional advice, personal training and group training classes. When I was at the studio, they mentioned they will also be offering cycling classes soon. You can look at pricing here and the group training schedule here.

Working out here just makes you feel like a pro athlete, doesn't it?

Working out here just makes you feel like a pro athlete, doesn’t it?

Kelsey is a brunch-obsessed, sun worshiping wine drinker who has the crazy goal of trying every fitness activity in Hoboken. You can follow her workout adventures at hungoverbuthealthy.com.

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