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Hoboken Fitness: {Crazy in Love} with Banana Skirt Productions

by Jennifer Tripucka
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OK, maybe we can't all look like Beyonce when we work out, but we can all work out like her. Source: GQ.com

OK, maybe we can’t all look like Beyonce when we work out, but we can all work out like her.
Source: GQ.com

Just like many normal American girls, I’ve spent the better part of the past 15 years obsessing over Beyonce. I tried to get my friends to wear matching outfits a la Destiny’s Child in 8th grade. {Is head to toe denim necessary?} I tried to hit the high notes on her Dangerously in Love album. {Pretty sure my parents have not recovered from hearing it on loop.} I indiscriminately respond to text messages with just the word #surfboart. {Sorry guys, not going to stop that.}

It’s pretty extreme, but what can I say? Beyonce is amazing. This is why when I found out that Banana Skirt Productions {named after, you guessed it, the iconic Josephine Baker} was launching a Beyonce-style dance class I was all “LADIES LEAVE YOUR MAN AT HOME I’M DOING THIS.”

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We woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did sh*t happen, oh baby? And by that I mean, how did I eat so many carbs?
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I was slightly nervous since I’m pretty much a horrible dancer, but started to feel more comfortable right off the bat. The other ladies in the class were all really friendly and didn’t take themselves too seriously, so I felt like I could {maybe} keep up.

We started off with a warm-up to “Run the World,” which was higher impact than I expected right at the beginning of class. The choreography for this was pretty simple, just fast and with a lot of movement. Think of the last Zumba class you went to and that’s what you should expect.

After we were all warmed up {and I was slightly out of breath}, we began the choreography part of the class. During each class, the instructor teaches Beyonce-inspired choreography to a song. The more the class gets the moves, the further along you go. {The song for the class I went to was “Freakum Dress”.}

During the first couple of eight-counts, I was feeling extremely self-conscious, but after a couple of encouragements from the instructor {“Pretend you’re in a music video!”}, I really started to have fun with it. Sure, I don’t booty pop on a daily basis, but What Would Beyonce Do {WWBD}? I just went for it.

The choreography was not super difficult but just challenging enough that I had to concentrate and was sweating throughout class. We worked our way through part of the song many times, and by the end the entire class was putting their own little attitude and style into the dance moves. I’m pretty sure I looked not Beyonce-esque {maybe Michelle on an off day?}, but I really was having so much fun that it didn’t matter. The class ended with a cool down to {what else?} another Bey song and some stretching to send us home–or the club–feeling like we just crushed our workout.

you might just feel the need to do this when you're done with this class. source: realitytvgifs.com

You might just feel the need to do this when you’re done with this class.
Source: RealityTVGifs.com

Classes are $18 and held on Fridays at 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. There is a new song every week; you can look at their Facebook for more information. {Also worth mentioning there aren’t changing rooms, so come dressed for class. There are cubbies where you can stash your stuff, but no lockers, so I suggest travelling light.}



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