Hoboken {+ Jersey City} Election Results 2019

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It has been a long election season and we’ve finally made to the end. We can finally say that even if you’re not pleased with the outcome of the election, you can at least be happy knowing that your social media, mailboxes, street signs, inboxes, and then some will return to normal {we hope!} and be sans election or promotional flyers for the time being. The new/re-elected Hoboken city council members have been decided, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the winners. Keep reading for the full Hoboken 2019 election results. 

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Updated as of 10:31PM {results according to NJ.com}

As far as the City Council Hoboken winners, the results:

  • The winner of the First Ward is Michael DeFusco
  • The winner of the Second Ward is Tiffanie Fisher
  • The winner of the Third Ward is Michael Russo
  • The winner of the Fourth Ward is Ruben Ramos Jr.
  • The winner of the Fifth Ward is Phil Cohen
  • The winner of the Sixth Ward is Jennifer Giattino

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Updated as of 10:31PM {results according to NJ.com}

As far as the Hoboken Municipal Questions, the results

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  • The outcome of Municipal Question 1 is Yes
  • The outcome of Municipal Question 2 is Yes

Updated as of 10:31PM {results according to NJ.com}

  • The School Board Election results in Hoboken are: Alex De La Torre, Joyce Simons, Sheillah Dallara

Updated as of 10:31PM {results according to NJ.com}

As far as the Jersey City Municipal Questions, the result is: Yes

And there you have it — your official election results. We’re definitely looking forward to all the political fanfare calming down and for a much less politically-charged reset of the holiday season. Kudos to everyone who went out and voted today — make sure to stay informed to make and make a well-educated choice about who will be leading Hoboken into the future.

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