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The Dogs of Hoboken: Bailey {the Shih-Tzu}

by Will
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We’ve all fantasized about getting a puppy on a whim. The pup parent of our featured furry, Bailey the Shih-Tzu pup, did just that! It was love at first sight for his dog momma Lindsey. “Whenever I pass a pet store I feel obligated to go in and see the puppies. It’s almost therapeutic for me. I’ve gone countless times but never met a pup that I HAD to take home until I met Bailey.” says Lindsey.


^Two pound ball of puppy cuteness!

“I asked the workers if I could play with Bailey and they told me that he was too small and that I would have to come back in a week or so. But I didn’t want to leave him! After 30 minutes of me staring at him with MY sad puppy eyes the employees gave in. Once they put him in the room to play with me, he pranced around, tugged at my shoelace and looked up at me. I was sold.”

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^Small pup, big city life!

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“It was pretty impulsive for a law student to bring home an 8 week-old puppy in the middle of winter, but he was worth every sleepless night. Ever since then Bailey has been my right hand man and captures the hearts of everyone that he meets! What a guy.”


Bailey Q & A

Favorite sleeping spot?

He loves to nap on the ledge right by the window with the sun shining on him!

Favorite dog treat?

Bully sticks.

Favorite human food?

Pasta! He’s italian by association!


The Swiffer! And basically any takeout delivery guy.

Best friend?

His stuffed alligator, Alli.

Favorite Hoboken takeout place?

The Rice Shop. He’s always trying to get his paws on a piece of my orange chicken.

Favorite naughty habit?

He loves to unravel the entire roll of toilet paper off the holder and then eats it. I have to keep it out of reach on the shelf now.

Funny story?

Bailey’s still a baby, so I’ve only traveled twice without him. Both times I tried to pack my suitcase he hopped inside and refused to let me put clothes in. It’s almost like he wanted to say, “Hey look! I can fit. Don’t leave me!”


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