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All About Hoboken Smile Wellness – Now Open Uptown

by Hoboken Girl Team
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A beautiful healthy smile is one of the best confidence boosters — and now there are not one, but TWO opportunities to get one. Hoboken Smile Specialists opened its uptown Hoboken dental practice earlier this year, Smile Wellness, and is one of our go-to dental practices.  With now two offices in Hoboken, located at 33-41 Newark Street, Suite 2A, and 333 15th Street, Suite 3A, the practice is based on clinical research, non-toxic, organic dental material, and providing the most comfortable and safe treatments for patients of all ages and comfort levels. This unique practice not only does routine procedures but is also incorporating premier and proactive approaches to dental work at Smile Wellness, its uptown Hoboken dental location.  Read on to learn all about our recent visit with Hoboken Smile Specialists, the new uptown location Smile Wellness, PLUS the exclusive offer for HG readers.

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About the Local Practice + Its New Location

Originally opening in 2016 as a pediatric dental office, Dr. Radhika Kapoor’s Hoboken Smile Specialists is a collaborative practice that focuses on how dental wellness fits into your overall health. The office has providers that each focus on their own specialties in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and adult dentistry. The practice became so popular that Dr. Kapoor, a local resident and mom, knew she had to expand — to uptown Hoboken.

As the practice expanded, Dr. Kapoor opened the new location as Smile Wellness, in uptown Hoboken, which features a more expansive menu of services that really take dental work to the next level, with a proactive approach focusing on the root cause of oral disease.

Some of these procedures and offerings include laser frenectomies (tongue tie procedures), nutrition counseling, airway evaluation, speech and feeding evaluations, and routine dental care.

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A Unique Approach + Whole Care Dental

The team uses nontoxic, organic materials and is dedicated to providing whole health care to patients of all ages. Dr. Kapoor uses a CO2 laser, which allows her to perform frenectomies, fillings, and other procedures with a gentler approach.

It’s no surprise the team has become a household name in the Hoboken area for adults and children alike.

“The goal of our business is to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals – pediatricians, ENTs, speech therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, physical therapist, etc. to appreciate the oral systemic connection,” Dr. Kapoor shared with Team HG. And she has done just that.

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A Welcome Place for All

Going to the dentist can be a highly stressful event for many, especially for people with special needs. Dr. Kapoor’s experience at the world-renowned Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. has given her all of the tools to help her focus on those who need extra care. Her work and passion in the field stem from the struggles she witnessed as a nurse and as a mother of a child with sleep apnea. These experiences have been Dr. Kapoor’s main motivation for taking on a fellowship as well as being a practicing business owner – and it makes all the difference for her team and the practice overall.

The office is specifically designed to cater to children with special health care needs by providing a soothing aesthetic, using allergen-free dental materials, and having wheelchair-accessible operatories and dental chairs.

Her team is also highly trained in a thorough intake process prior to treatment to allow for the team to properly prepare the patient for their visit. Resources such as social stories and appropriate scheduling allow for an even more positive experience.

In addition to her ability to treat patients with special needs (or anyone just nervous at the dentist), Dr. Kapoor’s office is a Breathe Institute Affiliate, which is a functional approach to breathing and wellness through structural, functional, and behavioral therapies. Being able to work with patients with sleep apnea, oral ties, and myofunctional issues including proper tongue placement, chewing, and swallowing, allows the providers to be able to treat a multitude of oral needs.

Dr. Kapoor’s training in CO2 soft tissue laser dentistry allows her to perform integral surgeries for children in need of frenectomy procedures, improving feeding, speech, and airway issues in infants and toddlers, as well as postural/sleep issues in adults. She is affiliated with Englewood Hospital and is able to provide full mouth dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia and is an active member of the ADA and AAPD.

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Dental Specialties + Treatments

The local practice is committed to serving a wide range of patients ranging from pediatrics to adults in general dentistry, pediatrics, and orthodontics. Dr. Kapoor also shared that additional specialties would be coming soon including oral surgery, periodontics, + so much more to continue providing comprehensive specialized services.

Quite literally — anything you need addressed with your mouth, can be assessed and handled by Dr. Kapoor and her team — who is highly trained to treat a multitude of dental needs including:

Pediatrics – Dr. Kapoor specializes in pediatric dentistry, spanning from infancy through childhood, and treats tongue + lip ties, helps to improve speech or feeding, and fixes craniofacial abnormalities such as cleft lip palate. She also specializes in treating children with special needs and is dedicated to providing care for children with sensory processing disorders, autism, and Down Syndrome.

Adult Dentistry – The practice also treats adults in need of preventative and diagnostic care. From complete oral exams to more specific care needs, including cavities and endodontic care, the office is ready to treat you.

Frenectomies For those needing lip or tongue tie release surgery, Dr. Kapoor is an expert in her field. She is able to perform these surgical procedures for infants, children, and adults whose feeding and speech patterns are impacted by such ties.

PS: Tongue ties as adults are a thing (who knew!) — and characterized by neck and shoulder tension, headaches or migraines, sleep difficulties, such as snoring, teeth grinding, sleep apnea, poor quality sleep, feeling fatigued/brain fog — and sometimes slow eating or trouble swallowing pills, as well as speech difficulties.

Orthodontics Making this a one-stop shop for all of your dental needs is the goal at Hoboken Smile Specialists. Dr. Kinzer’s focus on orthodontics is an integral part of treating the whole patient and allows aesthetics and wellness to come together to serve a wide range of patients.

Laser DentistryThe use of lasers in dentistry allows for the providers to restore cavities and address oral pathology in the most comfortable and gentle way.

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Don’t forget to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ to receive a discounted adult tongue tie release procedure on May 18th and May 19th with Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Zaghi.

Hoboken Smile Specialists is located at 33-41 Newark Street, Suite 2A and 333 15th Street, Suite 3A in Hoboken.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 201-683-7018 or email wellness@hobokensmilespecialists.com.

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