Hoboken {Dating} Coach: Marketing that You are Single …and Ready to Mingle

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^Cliche statement, but…are you?

On a daily basis, I meet women that are beautiful and single.  They are asking me to help them find love, and almost 100% of the time, I am thinking, “I can’t believe this girl is single.”  Most are gorgeous, have a stable job and a great education, and live in a great town.  I start off most of my meetings baffled and curious.

Anyway, after getting to know the person, I will find out she is “hiding” from men and not MARKETING herself.

Now, what does “hiding” mean? 

  • – Never holding eye contact or smiling at men you find attractive
  • – Always having head phones on when out in public
  • – Going out to social activities in the same large group
  • – Not asking friends if they have anyone single for them
  • – Not responding to perfectly nice guys online just because they didn’t write the best opening message (Just because he spelled “comitment” wrong doesn’t mean he is not capable of commitment!) Editor’s note: But that sure is cringe-worthy!
  • – Not sending messages to men online on online dating sites (that you’re interested in) — PS: I am not talking 2-3 a week, try 50. It takes a lot of work to put yourself out there!
  • – Not going to Meetup groups (READ: 5 Best Meetup Groups in Hoboken)

What should you do instead?

  • Smile and hold eye contact at every man that looks interesting
  • Occasionally leave the headphones at home (and look up!)
  • Go out by yourself — it’s true, men are usually scared to approach large groups of girls which can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Ask all of your friends if they have someone they think would be a good fit– people love to play matchmaker!
  • Give guys a chance online, especially if they have a match percentage above 90.
  • Send 50 messages to men online that interest you, and then go on some dates!
  • Go to Meetup groups to casually meet new people in person


Those are just a few tips to get yourself out there to start. It’s a tough dating world, but if you don’t put yourself out there and take some chances, you’ll never know what you’re missing {or have good stories to tell your friends at happy hour!}.

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Mike is the owner and lead dating coach of EZ Dating Coach, headquartered in Hoboken. His passion is making dating fun and giving people the opportunity to find love. Mike helps his clients through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, public speaking, online content, and to date has had 6 clients get married with 5 children between the marriages. For more dating advice or to setup a 100% FREE Strategy Session visit his website, www.EZDatingCoach.com!