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A Visit to Hoboken Integrated Healthcare {for Chiropractic and PT}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Working a 9-5 office job — anyone’s neck and back can be totally misaligned and out of whack. Day in and day out, typing, hunching, typing some more — it definitely becomes a pattern that is hard to break. Add an injury to that or any type of stress, and it’s pretty much game over in the flexibility and relaxed muscles department. So when my neck was having a serious spasm recently, I knew I had to do something. Enter Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, a holistic chiropractic and physical therapy practice located at 91 Washington Street {right next to Carlos’ Bakery}.



A little background on the practice— chiropractor Dr. Joseph Canova, originally from Union City, opened his chiropractic practice in 1989 {27 years!} in the same spot he is in now. At the time he opened the practice with his mom, who acted as his office manager. Since that time, he’s specialized in sports injuries, auto injuries, stress management, scoliosis, sciatica, spinal decompression, and headaches — helping thousands solve their physical pain with treatment.


My Visit

So, on to the visit. ‘Cuz my neck was killing me. First, I got X-rays done — because in order to know the layout of your body, it’s important for the doc to see your bones and the internal structure so that he can diagnose and create a treatment plan {treatment plan = chiropractic/acupuncture/physical therapy [any or all of these]}.


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Once x-rays were complete, it was time to get down to business. According to Dr. C, I have the beginnings of scoliosis [GREAT!], and MAJ neck and spine inflammation, so chiropractic and PT is definitely necessary. With that, however, sometimes your spine can be too irritated to do so with the traditional cracking and popping — so another chiropractic option is needed called Sigma.

The Sigma {Specialized!} Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Canova works with the medical community in a variety of ways {For pregnant women who can’t take pain medicine, OBGYN docs often refer prenatal care to him for a non-drug solution depending on issue — but the most common include lower back problems}. Since it’s difficult to do traditional chiropractic on women who are pregnant [not to mention radiation or other x-rays], it’s important to have another option — aka his Sigma machine {he’s one of only 3 doctors in NY and NJ who have been trained with it and know how to use it!}. Basically, Dr. C can scan and treat inflamed areas in your neck and back without cracking and X-Rays using a wand that is attached to a computer {I’m being very broad here — it’s actually an insanely advanced treatment}.

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^{Asked the nurse to take this pic so you could see how it worked}

Using his wand, Dr. C checked each vertebra in my neck and back to see which were inflamed. It actually showed a graph on the computer, noting which discs were not in their correct resting positions or were slightly inflamed. From there, he went through and performed his Sigma therapy, which is basically the instrument tapping on the troubled area that helps to train the spine into a more proper position, sort of like braces on crooked teeth [I wish I could explain more — but it’s pretty much magic]. Since I’m actually a big fan of the cracking that goes with chiro, Dr. C also opts for that route to adjust my back as well; but, it was fun to show me the decrease in inflammation while he was using the machine.

An Integrative, Holistic Approach

Until the early 2000s, Dr. Canova practiced solely chiropractic, but he realized that his patients required a more comprehensive approach. That realization sparked the time that he built his integrative approach — to include physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. It is his understanding that in combination, these therapies are significantly more effective in correcting spinal problems than they would be individually. The MAJOR plus? Depending on your insurance {they accept a variety of different ones, so you’ll have to call to see}, you can actually get all 3 in the same day while there. How’s that for a one-stop shop?!


^Some of the PT exercise props

Case in point: once my chiropractic session was over, I received STIM treatment {Electric Muscle Therapy} and a warm compress, and then it was on to physical therapy with HIH’sdoctor of physical therapy, Justyna Zarzecka. There, a got a mini PT massage {not going to lie, my favorite part of treatment}, did some exercises to release my neck muscles, and was sent on my merry way about 20 minutes later. Funny enough: I usually come in with a tension headache to the office from work and leave feeling like I could cartwheel down the street. Now that’s worth a co-pay.

Types of Clients

As far as the crowd of patients that come in and out of HIH — it’s a mix of geriatric patients, pregnant women, sports players, and young professionals like myself who just need a liiittle tune up [or should we say a lot of tune up]. For how many patients Dr. C and his staff see per day, I’ve never had to wait more than 15 or 20 minutes for my appointment, usually less.


The office staff is friendly, and when I call unannounced, they are great about squeezing me in to see the doc if I’m in extra pain. For the working guys and gals, their hours are very pleasant [a nice 10-7pm window Monday thru Friday]. Overall, Hoboken Integrated Healthcare is a wonderful downtown spot that has been family-owned for almost 30 years — a true testament to its medical care and staff.

If interested in making an appointment at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, make sure to call 201-793-2922 or check out there website [hobokenintegratedhealthcare.com].

*This post is sponsored, but having been a paying patient at Hoboken Integrated Healthcare for the last three years, all views are my own — and I continue to be a paying customer at their amazing practice.

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