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Hoboken Beauty: Conditioning Treatments at Sole Salon {Uptown}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If you dye your hair like a feign {blondes, this is for you}, you know that bleach, while pretty, doesn’t do a strand much good. So when I was looking for a deep conditioning treatment, I decided to go to Victoria at Sole Salon {1222 Washington} uptown for a deep conditioning treatment.


Now this isn’t any old treatment, it’s actually a machine. First, you get your hair washed, and then, you head over to this spaceship-type capsule and get all set up. While I had my head in the conditioning machine, it began to steam  — which Victoria told me was 100% normal. Basically, the machine puts the moisture back in your color-treated hair {without affecting the color, etc} which included steaming. Think of it as a facial – but for your hair. The result? Your locks are back to being filled with moisture and are squeaky clean and silky.


^Ignore the alien space capsule on my head. It’s for a good cause.

Victoria shared that many people with hair that is bleached go every few weeks so that they can re-energize their dry hair. She was super sweet and very accommodating, as was the rest of the staff. The conditioning treatment is $30, but totally worth it, especially given the amount of money most of us spend on dying our hair on the reg.

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^My color treated hair, all fresh & filled with body/life again <3

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The best part? The ladies of Sole Salon give back to the Hoboken community. They were actually awarded a Women’s History Month honor for their dedication to Hoboken by the mayor – because they had taken in several homeless women and given them haircuts and washes. So wonderful!

Have you been to Sole Salon? What did you think?

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