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April Fools’ Day Pranks To Pull On Any Hoboken Resident

by Hoboken Girl Team
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We here in Hoboken are very sensitive about… well, pretty much anything to do with Hoboken. From bar openings and restaurant closings, to street cleaning and parking rules, we absolutely do not like being out of the loop with the happenings in our Mile Square, {which makes us the perfect target for a little April Fools’ Day fun}. To add some levity to this never ending rainy weather {we know, we know – April showers…}, we’ve concocted a list of April Fools’ Day pranks to pull on any Hoboken resident, guaranteed to ruffle our Hoboken feathers! {Remember, this is just for fun — none of these are based on fact.}

Trader Joe’s to sell tickets to its opening.

When Trader Joe’s finally opens, the line will be longer than the one at Wicked Wolf on Halloween. Your friends will be Googling how to get in for hours. So obviously selling tickets sounds like a totally reasonable idea.

Pier 13 to be closed off to non-residents this year.

Because really, we all {not so} secretly wish this one was true. Just sayin’.

Little Town to partner with Pourhouse to become Little Pourtown.

The Station Hoboken
Hello Hydration Sidebar

It was there one day, gone the next, and then back again! For a while, your Sunday Funday had the ultimate identity crisis.

The Nerds are breaking up.

Zap Fitness

Not only a Hoboken staple, but one for the shore as well. There’s not a cover band – not even in Jersey – that can rival The Nerds. Get ready for the devastation {and maybe tears}.

City to put stroller lanes on sidewalks.

Take this one to a whole other level and trick one of your runner friends {who is already risking their life dodging bikes, dogs, and small children just trying to get their cardio on}.

The Madison to raise men’s entry age from 25 to 30.

Try this one on your friend who always asks, “Where do the older men hang out?!” before hitting the bar.

The King’s uptown to add more street parking.

Parking in Hoboken is bad, but the parking at the uptown King’s is THE. WORST. EVER. Be ready for the aftermath when they find out this prank isn’t true.

Pretty much anything about parking rules.

With our ever changing parking restrictions and multicolored curbs, parking in Hoboken is legitimately survival of the fittest.

Illuzion to obtain liquor license and provide full bar.

This prank will either ruin your friend with the longstanding girl’s night BYOB sushi date reservation OR delight the one who HATES anywhere that doesn’t serve the perfect signature cocktail. Choose your prey wisely, my friend.

Restaurants no longer allowed to deliver past midnight – even on weekends.

Late night snacks = ruined.

Shirt-wearing for runners to be strictly enforced.

Well, there goes our Saturday morning “sightseeing” hobby!

There was a water-main break on {fill in the blank} street. WARNING: check the news first – this might be true.

Need we say more?

How will you be tricking your Hoboken friends this weekend? Share your April Fools’ Day pranks and {please} tag us on Insta @HobokenGirlBlog if you capture it – remember, pic or it didn’t happen!

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