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Organic Plant-Based Meal Delivery: Highway 2 Well Meals {and Nutrition Counseling}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Conundrum: you want to lose weight for the summer, but you like carbs — muffins, waffles, you name it. When it comes to fad dieting and juice cleanses {those quick-fix situations} most of us can agree: it’s not fun, and it’s a waste of time to cut your carbs and starve just to drop a few pounds and then gain them back once you stop {we’ve all been there, blah}. Juice cleanses, fad diets, and the like are on the way out…and in their place are meal delivery services that are cleansing, nourishing, and actually ENJOYABLE. Go figure — an enjoyable “diet” {even though we hate using that word}. That’s where Highway 2 Well, a plant-based organic delivery service, comes into play.


^Some of the yummy organic meals!

Created in a commercial kitchen in Jersey City, Highway 2 Well owner Tara is an attorney-turned-wellness-coach who found her true calling as a private chef. She her team deliver to her clients throughout northern New Jersey and NYC. The basis of Highway 2 Well is simple: you have a busy life, but you want to eat well *and* vegetarian {note: the program is almost vegan, but sometimes there are eggs, etc for protein}. Recently, we tried out the Meals 2 Glo delivery program for 5 days, and wanted to share the experience.

The meal delivery scoop:


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Before you order your food, go online to the website and check off things that you have a major aversion towards or are allergic to {example: no walnuts or fennel for this chick}. Since Tara is a certified holistic health coach, she also will set up a time during your week of meals to consult and discuss your goals — either before the start of the week or during, you pick.


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^One of the yummy organic salads on the plan


Tara creates a menu {which varies from week to week}, and at the beginning of the week, it’s sent to you via email so you know what to expect. You can choose the 3 or 5-day plan, all of which include fresh, organic meal delivery {Tara delivers 3x per week – on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays}. The food is prepared locally in a commercial kitchen in Jersey City.


^YES, you can eat carbs!! WOOOHOOO!

Things You Must Do!

Weigh yourself before — so you can get an idea of how things are going throughout the week {you’ll drop a few pounds naturally, promise}.

Take pics of yourself — so you can see the changes in your body from just a few days of all-natural, clean vegetarian eating.

Keep working out & documenting your feelings each day {by day 3, I was feeling fab. Days 1 & 2 were a little harder, as your body is getting rid of toxins and the crap you’ve been eating for the last few weeks}.

How it Went:

  • The 5-day plan was excellent. Each day, there were 3 meals to eat + juice. Food was delivered to my office {in NYC!} in an insulated bag {you swap them out when you get delivery and then keep the last bag as a souvenir!}


^Some of the juice + citrus salad for breakfast one day. SO yum!

  • As far as the menu for the week — it included salads, nuts, date balls {the cherry pie bites were OUT-OF-CONTROL DELICIOUS}, and a bunch of other yummy options
  • highway-2-well-meal-delivery
  • The overnight oats, kale salad, zucchini pesto, edamame with nori, and arugula salad with beets and chickpeas were all amazing. I’d say those were my top picks, but everything was great.


^The overnight oats meal was something to seriously write home {or on Hoboken Girl about}


^THIS was the highlight of the week, even though all the meals were quite delectable making it hard to choose. But, there’s something about sundried tomato sauce with zucchini noodles + veggies {chickpeas, olives, etc} that gets me every time.

  • I’m not a big fan of weighing myself, so didn’t check my weight beforehand {but I’d recommend doing so just for fun!}, but in general — my stomach MAJORLY flattened out and my clothes fit better all in just 3-4 days. My skin also had a glow that even co-workers noticed {my boss literally said I was glowing the one day}. Combined with a visit to the Doody Free Girl around the same time, I was a new woman.

It’s clear Tara is passionate about what she does. She shared with us:

As a former attorney, I saw firsthand how stress and a lack of time prevented me from eating healthy. I lived on cigarettes, caffeine and vending machine candy for years and it affected me physically and mentally. After becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I decided to create Meals 2 GLO so that we could provide clean and delicious meals and snacks to other busy professionals and parents who don’t have the time to put their own health and wellness first.

The best news? Meals to Glo is offering HG readers an exclusive discount!

Use the code: HOBOKENGIRL16 when purchasing a week of meals and get 5 days, 3 meals per day of meals + 1 free, customized nutritional consultation with Tara all for $350 [normally $450].

*You must purchase the discounted package by next Monday 6/13, but you can schedule your week of meals for ANY week this summer. Perfect for when you want to clean out post-vacay {or before vacay to help with that bikini bod}. 

This post isn’t sponsored, but meals were offered at no cost to the writer. However, all views are my own, and I like the meals so much, I’m doing them again in a few weeks just because! How’s that for a solid testimonial?

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