Healthy Hoboken Girl: Water Up! {Ways to Drink More Water}

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Lynda of the Healthy Hoboken Girl blog is back with some great tips to keep your  body hydrated from the inside out! 


Are you feeling tired and sluggish now that the holidays are over and we are staring down the long cold road of winter?

Me too! So I’m here today with some gentle reminders on the importance of staying hydrated, drinking more water and feeling your best.  Let’s tackle those winter blahs, stay clear of the flu and work from the inside out to look our best.

Why you should drink more water?

1. Boosts immunity and helps your entire body function properly.

2.  Improves skins complexion.

3.  Flushes out toxins in the body & helps maintain regularity.

4. Increases energy, relieves fatigue & improves your mood.

5.  Helps prevent sports injuries like cramps and sprains, naturally lubricating the body.

6.  Nature headache remedy & much more!

Did I get you to reach for a glass already? If you’re struggling to add more water into your diet here are few of the most popular apps you can put on your phone to help you keep track of your water intake and have a little fun tracking your progress.

 Apps to Help you Get your Thirst On:

1.  Waterlogged.  Free.  Use along with your Fitbit, log drinks and set your water goal.

2.  Water Your Body. An Android App on Google Play

3.  Plant Nanny.  Adorable little ‘plant’ that you help to grow with your water intake.

Ideas to Keep it More Interesting:

– Infuse it with fruit! Add winter citrus fruits like orange slices, lemons or limes.  Pretty raspberries or cucumber rings will not only add flavor it adds vitamins and will help flush out your liver.

Water is so beneficial, so easy, so free yet easily overlooked.  Today I hope this inspires you to drink up and look and feel your best.  Cheers to more water and more health to get you through the winter season.

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Lynda Layng is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor who empowers individuals to make positive lifestyle changes through one-on-one health and nutrition counseling, whole food cooking instruction, corporate workshops, public speaking engagements, and programs designed to support and facilitate change to a healthier life. She is also the writer and founder of the healthy living blog Lynda has been in the fitness, nutrition and health space for over eight years and has contributed her recipes to many online publications as well as tested recipes for cookbooks and magazines. After caring for and losing both her parents to cancer and heart disease, she is passionate about preventative health and lifestyle choices. Today she finds so much joy in sharing her love of cooking with others and helping them learn to eat more real food.

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