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Healthy Hoboken Girl: Staying Motivated to Workout {During the Winter}

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Lynda of Healthy Hoboken Girl {a fantastic Hoboken health coach!} is back with another dose of her healthy living tips on HobokenGirl.com. This time she’s helping us stay motivated during these depressing winter months which make it quite difficult to want to leave the comfort of your couch and DVR {I can only speak for myself, however}…


On these freezing days of February it’s hard to stay motivated to leave your warm, cozy apartment and workout.  This month I’m back to help you get to the gym, move your body and feel your best.

Below is my top 10 list to help you get your workouts in, be beach ready and proud by Memorial Day.  

1.  Calling all Swim Suits! Speaking of the beach ready…I always keep my bathing suit near by to remind me to respect my body, eat well and pass on eating an entire bag of Pirate Booty while binge watching The Walking Dead. Ummm…I may know someone who’s done that…see I’m human.

2. Workout Friends: accountability that others are relying on you always help me move it to the gym. Find a buddy.

3.  Buy New Swag: New clothes seem to motivate me to move, maybe new sneakers or a bright new top.

4. Music or Podcasts: nothing keeps me moving more than good music or a lively podcast. Download some today.

5. Jump Around: warm your body before you leave. Jumping jacks, dancing, jump rope and stretching.

6. Hot Yoga: like a tropical vacation on your yoga mat, warm, detoxifying and good for you.

7. New Class: We are all so spoiled here and can pick from a variety of studios to keep it fresh. Switch things up.

8. Keep it Simple: not in the mood, I’ve been there.  A simple walk will do the trick and lift your mood.

9. Apartment Workouts: a no excuse way to work your body in the comfort of your own home.  Download a ton of workouts from your laptop or on Netflix…super easy and you don’t even have to leave your living room. {Editor’s note: Sean T’s t-25 workouts are 25 minutes and are guaranteed to make you sweat!}

10.  Pair a Workout w/ a Healthy Meal: nothing is more satisfying after a sweaty workout to know you’ve planned a healthy dinner to nourish your body.  A winning combination to a healthy lifestyle.


Wishing you all a month of motivation and movement.  Keep it simple, safe and have fun. Hope I see you out running along the water…spring is almost here!

Make sure to follow Lynda’s blog, www.HealthyHobokenGirl.com – she has amazing recipes and inspirational healthy living tips. She’s also a health coach at Seasonal Health (117 Washington Street, 2nd Floor) and natural foods chef (who teaches local classes and prepares healthy meals for families) – definitely check her out!

Written by:

Lynda Layng is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor who empowers individuals to make positive lifestyle changes through one-on-one health and nutrition counseling, whole food cooking instruction, corporate workshops, public speaking engagements, and programs designed to support and facilitate change to a healthier life. She is also the writer and founder of the healthy living blog healthyhobokengirl.com. Lynda has been in the fitness, nutrition and health space for over eight years and has contributed her recipes to many online publications as well as tested recipes for cookbooks and magazines. After caring for and losing both her parents to cancer and heart disease, she is passionate about preventative health and lifestyle choices. Today she finds so much joy in sharing her love of cooking with others and helping them learn to eat more real food.

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