Harborside Fitness Week in Jersey City 2019: The Full Schedule of Classes

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Ah yes, getting fit for the summer — something we all work towards arguably every year. Sometimes, however, the effort it takes to find and pay for a good workout class can be a hassle {or, if you’re like us, you’d rather work up a sweat outside sipping on some rosé}. Luckily, Harborside Atrium {210 Hudson Street, Jersey City}  has made finding a great workout class easy — enter, Harborside Fitness Week.

From Monday, June 3rd through Sunday, June 9th, Harborside be hosting a series of workout classes for JC + Hudson County locals to participate in {if you’re interested, reservations for class spots can be found here}. Keep reading to get the full schedule of classes for Harborside Fitness week in Jersey City 2019. 

harborside fitness week 2019

Monday, June 3rd at 12:30PM {First Session} + Monday, June 3rd at 5:30PM {Second Session} — CycleBar Class

Cycle with a view at Harborside Atrium, overlooking the window line that faces the skyline of downtown Manhattan. CycleBar Jersey City will welcome 20 riders for a 45-minute spin class tailored to all fitness and experience levels. The ride has a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills. Shoes will be provided. RSVP here.

Monday, June 3rd at 6:00PM — 150 Bay CrossFit

Fitness fanatics can experience an hour-long class that includes a dynamic warm-up, strength training, gymnastic skill, and metabolic conditioning. This workout is open to all fitness levels. RSVP here.

Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30PM — Asana Soul Yoga Class

For beginners and avid yogis alike, this 45-minute Vinyasa yoga class followed by a seven-minute meditation is a great way to finish and reflect on the day, connecting breath and body. This class will be at the Harborside atrium on the window line, overlooking the view of Manhattan. Attendees must bring their own mats. RSVP here.

Tuesday, June 4th at 5:30PM — Kickboxing for Kids 

CKO Kickboxing will host an hour-long, high-energy kick-boxing training for kids ages four to 12 at the Harborside Atrium. RSVP here.

Tuesday, June 4th at 6:30PM — Kickboxing for Adults

CKO Kickboxing will host an hour-long, high-energy kick-boxing training for all levels at the Harborside Atrium. RSVP here.

Wednesday, June 5th at 5:30PM — Wildly Fit Class 

Full-body circuit training consisting of several stations to include: agility ladders, battle ropes, medicine balls, core, and leg exercise bands in this one-hour fitness class at Harborside Atrium. RSVP here.

Thursday, June 6th at 5:30PM — Vinyasa Yoga with Gina Garcia 

A 45-minute yoga class with a massage chair component will be held at the space next to Noah’s Ark Florist in Harborside Atrium. Participants only need to bring their own mats. RSVP here.

Friday, June 7th at 5:00PM — F45 Training

A 45-minute ultimate body workout through cutting edge techniques. RSVP here.

 Saturday, June 8th at 9:00AM — 150 Bay CrossFit for Kids

Kids ages five to 12 can participate in a CrossFit class at Harborside Atrium. This hour-long class will take kids through a dynamic warm-up, strength, gymnastic skill, and metabolic conditioning moves. RSVP here.

Sunday, June 9th at 9:00AM — Jane Do Class 

An hour-long female-ruled total body workout focused on strength, confidence, and power. RSVP here.

Which class are you most excited about?

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