Hoboken’s Halloween Ragamuffin Parade Returns This Season

One of Hoboken’s most beloved Halloween traditions is back this year. Due to COVID-19 last year’s parade was canceled but this year, the Hoboken Ragamuffin Halloween Parade is back on Washington Street on Sunday, October 31st at 11AM.  Read on to learn more about this year’s Halloween event.

All About the Parade

Halloween Ragamuffin Parade 2021

The Ragamuffin Parade tradition dates back to the late 1870s when it was a part of Thanksgiving celebrations. History differs, but the two common stories are that children would wear either costumes or their parents’ (of course oversized) clothes, giving them the appearance of ragamuffins. Another version is that it was an opportunity for poor children to go begging door-to-door for money or leftover food after Thanksgiving.

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After the Depression, it became part of Halloween celebrations. While the parade itself has its roots in New York City, it has spread to mainly the outer boroughs. The parades take place in many other cities around the NYC area, but the Hoboken version is one of the best-known.  It has been going on since 1963 and will return this year with a bang. Or, should we say, a BOO! 

This Year’s Parade

The Hoboken Ragamuffin Halloween Parade will take place on Sunday, October 31. It will officially start at 11AM but participants can line up near 13th Street and Washington Street at 10:15AM. The route will go from 13th Street to 5th Street, down Washington Street. Washington Street will be closed to traffic and buses will need to re-route. 

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This year’s event will have local live music, floats, creative costumes, and much more. All are welcome to participate in the march and festivities. 

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