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Where to Find Halloween Costumes in Hoboken {And 4 Ideas for Couples’ or Group Costumes}

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When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, many people it dread it more than enjoy it. But lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of our favorite costumes for couples and groups — so you can bring your relationship status to a new level {or just get a new profile pic — #nojudgment}. Here are some Halloween costume ideas to make your planning easy {and where to buy Halloween costumes in Hoboken and Jersey City in a pinch!}.

1. Emojis

If you’re the type of couple that relies heavily on Instant Messaging tools to stay in touch, then you’re no stranger to emojis. Bring them to life — literally — with these ideas.

2. TV Couples

Studies have proven that couples who watch TV together, stay together. OK, I just made that up — but it makes sense: the less you fight over the remote, the more quality time you can spend bonding over your favorite show. So whether you want to pay homage to Jim/Pam, Ross/Rachel, or Cam/Mitchell, check out how easy it is to act like the “star” of the night.

3. A Family Affair

If you’re a parent, it’s hard to resist dressing up your little one into something furry and adorable. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action too. Forget the Addams Family and start your own tradition with these ideas.

4. Baby Makes 3

It’s hard enough finding clothes that fit when you’re pregnant so trying to dress up in a costume can seem even more challenging. Whether you want to use the holiday to announce your pregnancy, or to “dress” up the bun in the oven, let these ideas inspire you.
Of course, these ideas will remain ideas until you get yourselves the costumes needed. Luckily, Hoboken and JC have a couple of great options to pick up everything you need to be a treat for the eyes this season.

Spots to Find a Halloween Costume in Hoboken and Jersey City:

– The pop-up store Spirit Halloween in downtown Hoboken {where the old Office Depot was!} should be your first pit stop with its wide range of selection for both kids and adults.
– Although slightly farther {but equally impressive in selection} is Party City located in Jersey City.
– Vintage shops Revival Vintage Boutique, Mint Market Jersey City, and AMT Vintage may be helpful as well; you never know what you’ll find!
If all else fails, check out these DIY costume ideas to whip something up from your closet.

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