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Hoboken Couple Behind ‘Good Vines’ Brings Good Vibes to Union City Backyard

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There’s almost no denying that plants make people happy. Apart from being the logo of Manhattan-based plant company The Sill, it’s also a well-known fact. In fact, a study done by NASA found that houseplants have the ability to remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in just 24 hours. Other studies have found plants to increase productivity by 15 percent. Some statistics you just can’t ignore… *buys 372 succulents and cacti from local Home Depot.*

So it makes sense that Hoboken couple Shaun Thompson and Alyssa Viani decided to riff off that plant-induced happiness and start the company Good Vines in 2016. The Good Vines mission is to create designs with a focus on people-plant relationships.

“Our intentions of everything we design is to impact people with positive and memorable experiences,” Shaun and Alyssa wrote to Hoboken Girl in an email. “Creativity and good vibes are at the root of our core, forever evolving.”

good vines backyard before and after

{Before and after pics of the Bulls’ backyard}

After Jill and Evan Bull read about Good Vines in a Hoboken Girl roundup about the Jersey City Holiday Fair, the Union City couple decided to hire Good Vines to redo their brownstone’s backyard. With exceptional attention to plant-focused details, Shaun and Alyssa transformed the space into a wonderland of greenery.

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“On December 7, 2017, Evan and Jill Bull reached out to us to learn more about our design business, finding us through a Hoboken Girl blog post,” Shaun and Alyssa explain via email. “They came to the Holiday Maker’s Market at the Grove Street PATH Station to meet us in a snowstorm, from there we set up our first meeting at their property. We discussed their wants, goals, and vision for their outdoor space.”

“Based on their home decor and their Houzz idea book we were able to get a great sense of the contemporary design direction we would be heading in,” they continue. “The first step of the design process consisted of three conceptual designs to partisan their spaces based on their wants and needs for their backyard. Our process focused on an outdoor space cohesive of different rooms to make up their yard.”

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bull backyard good vines
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“The outdoor space was comprised of various social spaces including a sunning area, dining area, grilling area, grass areas for yoga, and a lounge and fire pit area,” they continue. “Upon presenting our three designs, we were able to talk through the elements with Evan and Jill, which we then concluded to a single concept design that included all of the elements they envisioned from the options provided.”

“We then crafted a 3-Dimensional design to bring to life the vision,” Shaun and Alyssa add. “Based on their feedback, we had some minor changes, but once finalized we were then ready to move in to the construction phase.”

good vines backyard construction

{Under construction}

The project took approximately one month to complete. “During construction, we religiously communicated with Evan and Jill to discuss progression and make on site design decisions, as well as include them in any and all aspects of the design,” Shaun and Alyssa say.

Good Vines was established on the basis that plants enhance people’s every day experiences and good vibes make the world go round. “The name of our brand comes from the idea that there are everyday life struggles and plants bring forth and overall good vibe, whether it’s in your 500-square foot apartment or your mansion in the burbs.”

“So we chose the peace sign, a symbol that brings us back to the hippie days where peace, love, and good vibes were advertised,” they add. “Our thought is that nature brings us happiness and we want to be able to spread the good vines only philosophy to all those we encounter.”


good vines finished backyard


“As designers, we’re both extremely happy with how the process turned out for these homeowners, and we’ve treated their space as if it was our own,” they add. “Nothing makes us happier than knowing our clients are finally able to enjoy their new, contemporary, modern outdoor space.”

It’s safe to say that Shaun and Alyssa are happy with the finished product, too.

What do you think of the residential backyard project by Good Vines? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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