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How to Help Those Affected by the Hoboken Chambord Fire at 38 Jackson

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Early Monday morning, sparks and fireballs flew — quite literally — through the air. The historic Chambord building in Hoboken burst into flames, which ultimately claimed two lives and damaged or destroyed the dozens of businesses located inside. Located at 38 Jackson Street, this building was a one-stop-shop a bit off the beaten path that housed creatives, artists, workout studios, and more. If you’re wondering what you can do to help these local businesses, many of whom lost virtually everything, we have compiled a list of Go Fund Mes started by the businesses directly.

FYI: If you’re a business or person that’s been affected by the fires, please email hello@hobokengirl.com. We’ll be adding to this list through Christmas Eve.

gofundme businesses affected by 38 jackson fire hoboken 2021

Donate toward funeral expenses for the two victims of the fire HERE.


Donate to Manhattan Neon HERE.


Donate to Alter Ego Pole Fitness HERE.


Donate to Barsky Gallery HERE.


Donate to Casa Klado HERE.


Donate to Cross Fit Hoboken HERE.


Donate to The DIY Joint HERE.


Donate to Hoboken Barbell Group HERE.


Donate to the Naturalist HERE.


Donate to the Muneca Mullins Studios HERE.


Donate to The Vegan Warehouse HERE.


Donate to All Stars Studios Go Fund Me HERE.


Donate to Grayscale Studios HERE.


Donate to Tonal Art Music Center HERE.


Donate to Josh Bailey Drums HERE.


Donate to The Cyclorama HERE.


Donate to The Penniless Loafers HERE.


Donate to Dkor HERE.


Donate to Hoboken Fight Club HERE.


Donate to Smiley Kids Photo/Blue Space Studios HERE.


Donate to Tony Monaco Furniture Design HERE.


Donate to Flores Welders HERE.


The Hoboken Relief Fund is also going to be working to help local businesses with getting back on their feet. Click HERE to donate.

And of course, remember to thank our local heroes from the Fire Department, Police, and EMS that have been working round the clock to extinguish the fire and keep everyone safe.

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