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These Adorable Hoboken Twins Raised $83 for The Homeless at Their Hot Cocoa Stand

by Arielle Witter
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Giving back to and supporting the local Hoboken community is something that Hoboken Girl as a team deeply values. Whether it’s donating old clothes for those less fortunate to use or volunteering when there’s time, it’s important to do what you can, when you can. That’s why when twin sisters {who are ah-dorable} Riley and Rose opened their hot cocoa stand to give back to the community, Hoboken locals took notice. Read on to find out how these twin girls and Hoboken residents gave a helping hand this winter:

Girls Who Give Back Rose Riley

{Photo Courtesy of Joyce Simons}

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When Joyce Simons’ 10-year-old son Declan suggested that the family sell hot cocoa to donate all the money to the local homeless shelter, she was 100% on-board with the sweet thought. Declan, however, got slightly distracted and went off to his friend’s house to play {c’est la vie, the life of a 10-year-old}. Luckily, his six-year-old twin sisters, Riley and Rose, stepped in to save the day – they took over the stand, selling hot cocoa and chips on a cold, wintery day, even though their parents kept beckoning them to come inside. Their stand made $83 in just three short hours.

Rose Riley hot cocoa stand

{Photo courtesy of Joyce Simons}

“My husband and I are incredibly proud of their selflessness,” their mother, Joyce, shared.

The girls, she says, have learned the importance of giving back. Beyond their special hot cocoa stand, the duo has worked with their girl scouts’ Daisy Troop 10305 to make sandwiches to bring to the shelter and have taken it upon themselves to clean out toys they no longer use to sell during a stoop sale and donate all the money they collect.

Rose and Riley, we are so proud of the work that you do and can’t wait to see how you help Hoboken even more in the future!

PS: The shelter is located at 300 Bloomfield in Hoboken, and is always in need of toiletries, non perishable food, coffee, disposable utensils and more. They are open 9-9PM for donations 💚

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