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Friday the 13th: Scary or Sacred?

by Shawn Engel
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Have you always had bad luck on Friday the 13th? Afraid of a black cat crossing your path, or broken a mirror giving you seven years of bad luck?? Welp, you’re not alone! Apparently, the fear of Friday the 13th affects millions of Americans and even has its own name: triskaidekaphobia. This is the reason why many buildings don’t have a 13th floor, or rooms ending with the number 13. But what if we were to tell you that Friday the 13th wasn’t scary at all, and was, in fact, spun that way by a misogynistic ideal over thousands of years?

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The History

Friday the 13th is actually very sacred and feminine. Friday, which is ruled by Freyja, a Norse fertility Goddess (as well as Venus and other feminine deities) is regarded as a sacred day for honoring the feminine within all of us and pampering ourselves!

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In addition, the number 13 is highly female as well. It marks the number of moon cycles within a year, in addition to the number of menstrual cycles each woman has per year. As the moon is regarded as feminine, what with being synced up with our Aunt Flo, the womanly energy expressed by this day used to be highly honored.

It wasn’t until years of superstition, brought on by centuries of crucifying witches, that this day garnered the stigma. Us feminist witches get a bad wrap, but really all we want to do is honor our womanly spirit. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

How to Celebrate Friday the 13th

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Friday the 13th like a Goddess, without being afraid of getting cursed {or stepping on a crack to break your mother’s back}.

  • Take a trip to the spa
  • Take a bath full of flower petals
  • Do some womb healing
  • Give yourself a pedicure
  • Try for pregnancy {wink, wink}
  • Create art of any kind
  • Sing and dance
  • Make a big meal
  • Wear a yoni egg
  • Do womb yoga

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And above all else, remember that patriarchal times are to blame for the stigma around Friday the 13th. It isn’t a real fear and only has to do with suppressing female spirit. Let’s take the day back and honor it with love and nurturing, as any woman would. Our gender is nothing to be ashamed of, it is to be celebrated and supported. Happy Friday the 13th!

Do you have any thoughts or facts about Friday the 13th? Let us know in the comments below!

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