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Meet Franny, a Sweet Pit-Bull Mix Ready for Adoption

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Franny is a 7-year-old Pitbull mix looking for her forever home! She is currently available for adoption. What makes Franny so special is the amount of love she has to offer. From the moment she stepped into the shelter, she greeted the employees with kisses and wouldn’t stop smiling. Keep reading to learn more about Franny from Animal Lighthouse Rescue employees and how to adopt her.

Name: Franny

Breed: Pit Bull mix

Weight: 58lbs

Age: 7 years old

Ideal Home: City or suburbs as the only dog with lots of human attention. She loves belly rubs, going for walks, enjoying a chewy stick, and lounging in a dog bed. Would thrive with a family or single owner.

Kids: Yes, older kids would be ideal. She has so much love to offer.

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Dogs: Gets along well with dogs on her walks, but is suited to being the only dog in the home.

Cats: Unknown

Crate-Trained: Yes

House-Trained: Yes

Leash Manners: Yes. She does great on the leash.

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Personality: Sweet and loving! Franny is all smiles and hugs. She loves meeting new people and getting showered with attention. She will fill her future home with so much joy.

Why she was brought to the rescue: The team welcomed Franny to NYC from South Carolina so she could get out of the shelter and find a forever home she deserves. The rescue isn’t sure how Franny ended up in the shelter in the first place but was thrilled to welcome her to the ALR family.

For adoption information visit www.alrcares.com or email Lori@alrcares.com

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