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Introducing Fourplay…The Double Dating App for Singles

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Online dating is…hard. It takes time, effort {32 selfies to find the right one}, and patience. It also involves a lot of courage, as putting yourself out there to try and find love is not for the faint of heart. But everything is easier with a friend, including dating. And that’s why the founders of Fourplay created this double dating app to help provide a more fun, lower pressure, and safer way of dating online. Meet other singles {and their friends} and enjoy a night out with your best pal. Conversations flow easier and more laughs are had when you feel comfortable with those around you. Keep reading to learn about Fourplay and how you and your single bestie can both enjoy it together. 

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How Fourplay App Works

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Fourplay is the official double dating app for singles. It’s not just another swipe-right app — it’s a social club where members join forces with a friend to meet twice the singles in half the time. No need to struggle to try to think of ways to make your solo profile stand out. No need to use your dog to get that “right swipe.” {Though, it wouldn’t hurt.} On Fourplay, there are no individual matches. Instead, you scroll through teams and match with other duos. A match happens when all four people give the “thumbs up,” indicating that they are interested in the other team. A match opens up a group chat where the four can get to know each other and plan to meet for a double date in real life. Need a minute to strategize with your teammate? You’re also given a private team chat where you can make your game plan in private.


Teams match with other teams, but there’s no knowing ahead of time who is matched with whom. That’s the beauty of Fourplay — you get to go out as a group and see who you naturally vibe with in person. It’s a chance to be open-minded, go out with a friend and two other singles, and see what happens naturally when four people meet. 

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Membership on Fourplay gives you access to an unlimited number of teams and matches. You’re never limited to who you can double up with; your teammate{s} can be the same sex/gender as you or a different one. Plus their “Cold Shoulder” feature allows members to avoid a phone number or email they never want to see on a dating app, such as an ex-flame. 

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How Fourplay Started

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Fourplay was founded by Julie Griggs and Danielle Dietzek earlier this year. The two friends met at Penn State University in 2010. After college they both pursued a career in health care — Danielle became an RN and, eventually, a Family Nurse Practitioner and Julie became a Physician Assistant. As two single young professionals tired of trading fun nights with friends for redundant dates with strangers, the two joked about how ideal a double dating app would be. So, they tried the idea out for real.

“Swipe right if you and your awesome friend want to go out with me and my awesome friend,” was what they wrote in their current online dating profiles. Within the week the friends had 16 guys expressing interest in a double date, which means the girls would have had the opportunity to meet 32 singles. They went on a double date and while the two guys certainly were not Danielle and Julie’s soulmates, the girls had a hilarious time debriefing the date with their friends the next day. Had they been alone on a solo date, it would have felt like a waste of a night. But, going together made it a fun and memorable Saturday night.

Fourplay Social became an LLC in January 2019 and Fourplay, the official double dating app for singles launched nine months later in October.

Why Fourplay is Important 

Fourplay makes online dating an overall safer experience. You’re always bringing an extra set of eyes on your dates — your friend is there to watch your drink when you use the bathroom and, if things aren’t going the way you had hoped, your escape plan is literally built-in.

Get the Fourplay App

Fourplay is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in the USA and Canada. Sign up with the referral code “HOBOKENGIRL” and be entered for a chance to win a fun night out.

This post is sponsored by Fourplay. 

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