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Everything You Need to Know About The Rosé 40 {And Where to Find It in Hoboken}

by Tamara
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Rosé all day fans: your summer is about to get EVEN better. Those 40oz. bottles you used to tape to your hands and drink some not-so-chic alcohol from are getting a serious upgrade — now with a rosé option. All we can say to this is — yes way rosé — obviously.

Luckily New Jersey is one of a few states that can get the Forty Ounce Rosé for sale, so your life is about to get a whole lot fruitier and perhaps slightly less {or dare we say more?} classy. And in Hoboken, there’s a wine bar that serves it: BIN 14You can have it next time you head to Bin to pair with your pasta, but just to be sure we were in the know we decided to ask the wine director there, Joel Liscio, to share all the deets about this type of Forty and some other things about rosé and Bin 14. Here’s everything you need to know about the rosé 40 {and where to drink it in Hoboken!}.


Below, our rosé investigation with Joel Liscio:

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Does the 40 affect the taste of the rosé?

The 40 oz bottle doesn’t affect the taste at all. Actually, the shape of a bottle is based more on whether or not the wine tends to throw sediment. Bordeaux-style bottles have shoulders to catch the sediment before it hits the glass. Rosé doesn’t throw sediment, so the shape is more for look than anything.

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What would you pair it with on the menu?

This rosé is great with the Crab and Tuna Bruschettas but can also stand up to a Bolognese Pizza. Very versatile.

Where is it bottled/made?

This wine is made from grapes from the Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France. The winemakers come from the Loire Valley. Julien Braud started out with the 40 oz Muscadet. When Patrick Cappaello went to the estate to look at the production, they had already selected the bottle not realizing what a 40 oz in the United States stood for. They had just happened to see the bottle, loved it and wanted to use it. Patrick got someone to make a label that looked like a 40 oz and topped it with that tacky gold screw cap to just take it to another level. We had the 40 oz Muscadet last year and it will be making its return at the end of the month. They also make a beautiful Sparkling Muscadet as well. Even though it looks like a 40 oz, it’s actually a 33 oz bottle.

Do you carry any other wines in a 40 oz?

Besides the 40 oz Rose, we have the Hirutza Txakolina from Spain. Slight bubble with great acidity makes it an easy summer sipper. We also have the Escudo Vinho Verde rose. Light fizz full of strawberry notes. We will also have a Furmint coming soon as well. Bone dry and waiting for fish or cheese.

Does rosé need to age like other wines?

Certain rose definitely should be aged, but not all. Tavel and Bandol should spend time in the bottle. But only high level rose wines should spend time in the bottle.

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A little rose drinking inspiration {like we need it} from our other fave – Whispering Angel.

If you try {more like when you try} the Rosé 40, let us know what you think!

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