Five Things Hoboken Happy Hours is Thankful For {in Hoboken}

We wanted to spice things up a bit due to the short week for the best eating holiday of the year. It’s a great time to take a step back from the daily hustle and bustle and realize how much we so often take for granted and what we are truly grateful for.

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In the spirit of this, we have created a list of what we are most thankful for living in Hoboken…with a bonus Thanksgiving Eve Guide!

1. Best View Imaginable


It’s not an exaggeration to say we see one of the best views in the world on a daily basis. To see the big apple from our vantage point while drinking a beer or a glass of wine at locations like Wicked Wolf or McLoone’s is something to appreciate. We often take this view for granted walking to and from the PATH. Needless to say, summertime views at Pier 13 cannot be matched.

2. Brunch

Who doesn’t love a great brunch, especially after one too many cocktails the night before. Rumor has it, mimosas and bloody marys are the best hangover cures. Hoboken has more than enough incredible brunch spots to keep you occupied for many weekends to come. Between the cocktails and food dishes, you’ll keep busy in your quest to find the best in Hoboken.

3. Rooftops


Who doesn’t love drinking outside on patios? It gets even better when that patio is on the roof, giving you a much different perspective. We mentioned the incredible views of New York City while being on the Hoboken waterfront, but there are still views when not right along the water. Rooftops at locations like City Bistro and The Dubliner give you the opportunity to view not only Hoboken, but also parts of New York City.

4. Football Sunday Fundays

As you know, Hoboken goes absolutely wild during the football season. There’s nothing like everyone wearing their jerseys and enjoying some friendly (or not) rivalries while drinking away the fact that they have work the next day. Another shot? Sure! Check out our football drink specials guide!

5. St. Patrick’s Day


Less than 4 months away until this town gets flooded with green. We as Hobokenites have quite the selection on Irish bars that we can go to on a daily basis in case we can’t wait until March. This is one of the craziest days of the year, so if you’re not into crowded bars and loud groups of drunk leprechauns, make sure to stock up on supplies and stay indoors for all 24 hours that day.

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Wednesday is biggest party night of the year. Nobody has work Thursday, so make it count.

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