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This Hoboken Couple is the 5th Generation in Their Family to Marry at St. Francis

by Samantha Impaglia
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We love a heartwarming wedding story here at The Hoboken Girl, especially when it comes to family traditions. Meet Brittany Herrmann and Robert (Bobby) Rosendorf — a Hoboken couple that’s the 5th generation in their family to get married at St. Francis Church in Hoboken, where they just recently tied the knot. Brittany’s parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and great-great-aunt all got married at the same location, meaning this family has some serious sentimental ties to the Mile Square spot. We had the chance to talk to Brittany and Robert, as well as her parents and grandparents, to hear all about this family tradition. Read on for more details about these Hoboken love stories.

st francis church 5th generation wedding

The Hoboken Girl: What do you both do for a living?

Brittany Herrmann + Robert Rosendorf: Publicist and accountant.

HG: What city do you both live in + for how long have you lived there? What’s your favorite part about living here?

BH + RR: We currently live together in Hoboken, NJ. One of our most fun (and perhaps, frightening, haha) facts is that we moved in together on March 1st, 2020. Before living together, we lived in Hoboken separately with friends for years beginning in 2016.

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HG: When/where did you + your partner meet?

BH + RR: Ironically, in my (Brittany’s) apartment! He was invited by a mutual friend to come over one night to “pregame” before going out, so that’s technically where we met for the first time although our story didn’t start until several months later.

Last weekend of summer 2017, we reconnected at D’Jais (both had houses with friends) and shortly following in early September had a run-in a night at McSwiggin’s. The morning after, Bobby finally reached out outside of a DM with his boldly infamous: “It’s Bobby”, sent with a firework effect text. He asked me on a first date at Grand Vin and the rest is history.

brittany robert

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

HG: How long have you been together?

BH + RR: Over five years.

HG: Was there an instant connection/chemistry between you two?

BH + RR: Not after our first meeting, but the timing couldn’t have been better when we did reconnect that summer.

HG: What are the qualities you love most about each other?

BH + RR: We’re each other’s missing piece — always leaning into each other’s strengths:

I love Bobby’s sense of calm and patience when I’m stressed — he always reminds me everything will be OK and work out.

I love Brittany’s passion — whether it’s work, a hobby, or family — she puts her all into everything she does and always exceeds her own and everyone else’s expectations.

brittany robert wedding

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

HG: When was the moment you knew you were meant to marry each other?

BH + RR: We both laughed at this question, haha. I think it just happened naturally along the way. Since we started dating, everything was just effortless and easy. For me (Brittany), I knew very early on because of that ‘it just feels right’ feeling Bobby was the one for me!

HG: Tell us about your proposal.

BH + RR: It was said to be Brittany’s sister’s birthday brunch at The Madison. We were ushered by a hostess and walked to a table set for six people, thinking nothing of it, Brittany went to sit down but before she did I flipped over a sign that read, “Brittany will you marry me?”


When she finally relaxed (my brother-in-law likes to call her reaction similar to winning the Super Bowl, to which Brittany says she did), I told her no one else is coming and it would just be us. We enjoyed that time together, texting our families and talking about how excited we both are. After the restaurant, I knew Brittany would expect to see her family, so I told her we were going to her house to meet our families there but to her surprise when she walked into our apartment to change quickly, both of our families were already there to celebrate in our fully decorated apartment! I secretly coordinated this with Brittany’s family and mine.

She was shocked and speechless, again. That celebration was followed by another surprise later that night: friends waiting for us at Tenth and Willow.

For me [Brittany], it was one of the best days of my life full of non-stop surprises with the people we love the most — it was simply perfect. Our story started and has remained in Hoboken, so to be traveling to different places and celebrating that milestone around the Mile Square was perfect.

HG: Where did you get married?

BH + RR: The ceremony took place at St. Francis Church (Hoboken) and the reception at The Venetian (Garfield).

brittany robert wedding

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

HG: Tell us a bit about your family’s history in Hoboken + your familial link to St. Francis. What made you decide to participate in this tradition? Was it an easy decision? Was Bobby quickly on board?

BH + RR: Because my family lived in Hoboken, I grew up coming into the town my whole life. Every Sunday we went to my great-grandma and grandpa’s house for dinner. For several years, we came into Hoboken every Christmas Eve for dinner followed by midnight mass at St. Francis.

After we got engaged and started thinking about our wedding, I raised the question to Bobby. Knowing how much it would mean to me, and how impressive overall it is to be the fifth generation to carry out a tradition, he never hesitated and said yes — he was as happy as I was. We had big shoes to fill following in the footsteps of so many beautiful, longstanding marriages before us, but we were ready.

HG: Did you use any local vendors?

BH + RR: Mile Square Moments for photography. I met Devin while taking classes at Hoboken-based workout studio Jane DO about three years ago. After we got engaged and started thinking about our day it wasn’t long before we asked Devin to capture our day! I was so comfortable with Devin already — plus, she is incredibly talented, smart, and detail-oriented (I could go over forever!) — we couldn’t have been happier to ask Devin to be our photographer. Devin knows the ins and outs of Hoboken, so who better to shoot our wedding day in the town we mutually cherish so much?! We also had a beautiful engagement shoot that took place around Hoboken (waterfront, Court Street, Columbus Park, and even our apartment) — we were both excited for the big day to shoot at the church and Columbus Park.

engagement shoot

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

Murphy Studio (originated in Hoboken) for videography. While two separate companies, Devin and Alan (owner of Murphy Studio) have a package together based on their wonderful experience working together. We trust Devin so much, it was a no-brainer for us to bring on a recommended videographer team.

Love, Amarie (originated in Hoboken) for an heirloom bridal clutch, made from my mom’s wedding dress gifted by my sister/MOH.

love amarie clutch

(Photo credit: @radiantsoulphotography)

San Giuseppe is where we hosted our rehearsal dinner — complete with a Fiores signature roast beef sandwich Groomsman cake. The cake was made by @lorenas_cakes11.

fiores cake

HG: Do you have a favorite local date night spot?

BH + RR: Some of our favorite date night spots are Grand Vin, Antique Bar and Bakery, Tenth and Willow, Margherita’s, Zack’s, and one of our recently discovered and current favorites: La Casa.

Now, here’s what Brittany’s parents (Cheryl + James Herrmann) and her grandparents (Geraldine + Lawrence Sciancalepore) had to say about this family tradition.

HG: How did this tradition start? Why St. Francis?

BH: My grandma’s grandfather was one of the founders of St. Francis church. St. Francis has been my family’s parish since they arrived from Italy — calling Hoboken their home.

HG: In what year did the first couple get married at St. Francis?

BH: January 16, 1914.

HG: Can you list all the other weddings (and the years they happened) as well as their relation to Brittany?


  • Great, great grandparents (Amelia + Frank Capelli): January 16th, 1914
  • Great grandparents (Michelina + Lorenzo Sciancalepore): October 16th, 1927
  • Great, Great Aunt (Geraldine + Frank Bocco): June 24th, 1948
  • Grandparents (Geraldine + Lawrence Sciancalepore): April 24th, 1965
  • Parents (Cheryl + James Herrmann): September 9th, 1989

geraldine frank wedding

^ Geraldine + Frank’s wedding in 1948

geraldine lawnrence wedding

^ Geraldine + Lawrence’s wedding in 1965

cheryl james wedding

^ Cheryl + Jame’s wedding in 1989

brittany robert wedding

^ Brittany + Robert’s wedding in 2023

HG: Tell us about your proposals.

Parents: The most special dinner: We both recently graduated from Montclair State University where we met and Cheryl thought we were going to celebrate her first new job. However, at dinner, Jimmy popped the question.

Grandparents: We were dating and I was in college. After dating for three years, we planned on getting married a year after I graduated college. It was a mutual decision.

HG: How long have you been married?

  • Parents: 33
  • Grandparents: “too long!” (57 years)

HG: Was there ever any hesitation or doubt about continuing this tradition, or was it an easy decision? Was the non-blood-related spouse quickly on board?


  • Cheryl Herrmann: It was an easy decision, St. Francis the little church with the Big Heart is the only place that the sacrament of Holy Matrimony seems right.
  • James Herrmann: Knowing the tradition of my wife’s family in this church made it an easy decision for me.

Grandparents: yes, it was an easy decision because we are deeply religious and would go to St. Francis together every Sunday. Both sides of our family have married there — grandparents Amelia and Frank Capelli, parents Michelina and Lorenzo Sciancelpore, and our aunt and uncle Geraldine and Frank Bocco, so while it was an easy decision it was all that more meaningful for both of us.

HG: What’s the secret to a happy marriage? What advice do you have for Brittany?

Parents: We think it is vital to value the sacrament of matrimony and continue to love one another unconditionally through all of the ups and downs in life.

Grandparents: Find out what she likes and just agree with it. Compromise (both agree), can’t always have your way. Have to give and take!

HG: How has Hoboken changed over the years? How has it stayed the same?

Parents: Years ago it was a community where everyone knew each other and extended families were very close. You walked down the street and basically everyone knew each other. Today Hoboken has drastically changed even though it is so beautifully developed, it can feel like the small-town closeness no longer exists.

Grandparents: It went from an industrial town, waterfront town, and based on industry to more of a residential. The property became very valuable, as companies moved away and there was gentrification. Found value in the buildings built. Hoboken was more family oriented where brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles all lived in the same area. When WWII ended, during the 50s, people started to move towards the suburbs leaving vacancies for other groups to move in. So much industry in Hoboken, Keuffel and Esser (also known as K&E) had four marriages within that company (parents, aunt, uncle). So many companies in Hoboken that people that lived in Hoboken could work, Maxwell House, Lipton Tea, Westinghouse Electric Company, and the pencil factory. The waterfront itself changed initially with the docs and now turning into a beautiful waterfront that welcomes people from Hoboken and beyond.

Never leaving Hoboken was the best move I never made. While my counterparts were moving away I wanted to continue living in town to stay close to the family, while working at Hoboken High School (for 40 years), retiring as the Vice Principal in 2004. How it’s stayed the same many of the family-owned businesses have passed on for generations like Fiores, Leo’s, and M&P — some of our favorite places have remained. I still support and work at the Red Wing games and while generations have passed through the school spirit has stayed great through good and bad seasons.

HG: Why do you think familial tradition is important?

Parents: Traditions (no matter how big or small) are the glue that holds families together — uniting past and present generations through shared experiences. We prioritize our special family traditions because they create such beautiful memories for us to look back on, forever strengthening our bond.

Grandparents: When you develop values and beliefs that work for you, you shouldn’t change them.

HG: How did you feel when you found out Brittany would also be continuing the St. Francis tradition?

Parents: I felt so thrilled. The memories I have in that church go back years and years. I actually went to St. Francis Grammar School and made all my sacraments in St. Francis as well. I will feel the sense of all my family members who have passed on watching my daughter walk down the aisle as the most beautiful bride. My heart is filled with love and joy over that thought.

brittany wedding parents

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

Grandparents: I was flabbergasted — it was the happiest thing. I like family traditions. I would like them to continue because that’s how you know where you came from and what your roots are. We were so thrilled when Brittany was going to get married in Saint Francis but, we never expected it even if she changed her mind that was okay but when she held to it I was ecstatic and that’s the truth.

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HG: Do you have a favorite local date night spot?

Parents: My favorite local spot is hanging out in my parent’s house. Being with family is the most important thing that keeps us so close. Of course, all the restaurants and bars and amazing but simple nights being with those you love will always be the best.

Grandparents: Our favorite special night spot is Dino + Harry’s. We love the food and listening to the piano player. Our go-to date spot is Court Street — I love to sit by the window, especially when it snows in the winter. The cobblestone view there makes it feel like we’re not even in Hoboken.

HG: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

BH: The stained glass window in St. Francis that is directly above the altar was donated by my great, great, great grandfather (Frank’s grandpa) in memory of his parents who were founding members of St Francis church.

stained glass st francis church

(Photo credit: @milesquaremoments)

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