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A Newbie + A Lash Veteran Get Eyelash Extensions in Jersey City — Here’s What Happened

by Michele
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Recently, two of our editors — Jen and Michele — visited TEASE by Sunny in Jersey City for eyelash extensions. Jen has had her lashes done many times, but Michele was a first timer. We thought — hey, why not share both of their accounts since some of our readers are lash veterans and others may be a liiiittle hesitant to enhance their eye fringe? The verdict? You’ll have to read on to see…

^Sunny, who is just too cute {and has amazing lashes}

First, Meet Sunny

It’s really fitting that Sunny’s namesake matches her attitude, because this lash technician has such a warm and welcoming disposition that it’s hard not to be excited about your lash experience when visiting her. Before having her own location in the downstairs area at LadyBird Nail + Spa {187 Warren St. JC}, Sunny was doing lash extensions out of her own home. As one of their customers, the spa offered her their space, knowing that she did an excellent job. {BTW – this salon is right across the block from White Star Bar… you know, if you want to flaunt your new lashes over a serious burger}.

Past Lash Experiences + Expectations

Jen: I’ve had my lashes done several times, and each time I’ve LOVED them — but I will say I’ve also felt unhappy with the way they’ve totally ruined my lashes after a few weeks {aka they make me feel bald around the eyes}. Some lash spots have done what aesthetically looks like a good job, but when it comes down to it, they’re painful or just feel too thick afterwards. A month later and I’m still feeling like my lashes are full, which is not very commonplace in extension world.

Michele: I hadn’t had lashes done before, so I really didn’t know what I was in for. I was a little nervous it would hurt or that I would be uncomfortable while getting them done — as is the case with most semi-permanent beauty treatments {I’m lookin’ at you laser hair removal + gel manicures}. I’m also not in love with how fake lashes can feel heavy or how they can stick to bottom lashes, so I was really hoping lash extensions wouldn’t feel like fake ones, since I knew I couldn’t just take them off.

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First Impressions of TEASE

Jen: I am pretty trusting {even though I shouldn’t be when it comes to my eyes} about getting lashes done, and as soon as I walked downstairs with Sunny I felt at ease. Her spot is super clean, adorable — and she was so easy to talk to / answered any questions I had. I opted for the voluminous, girly set that was midway between just a little extra lash and va-va-vooom.

Michele: I had LOTS of questions for Sunny, but she quickly made me feel comfortable and talked to me about my own lashes, what I wanted them to look like, and my personality. I like a little bit of glam, but I’m also a tomboy. I needed a set of lashes that would suit both a nighttime outfit and my soccer uniform. Since she does each lash individually, we went with a full classic with just a touch of volume.

How was the experience?

Jen: It was great. Super relaxing, put my audio book on and conked out. So relaxing, actually, that I had a little mini-nap ‘nightmare’ and jumped awake — to which Sunny had to make sure I was super careful not to open my eyes. REM sleep doesn’t happen during my 8 hours, but of course it had to happen while on the eyelash bed. Oy vey.

Michele: Ok, I won’t lie — at first I was a little freaked out. Things are good, you’re laying down on this soft bed with a comfy neck pillow and elevated leg roll, she plays instrumental top 40 hits, and it’s all very relaxing… and then she tapes your eyelids. Does this hurt? No, but I was thinking, what happens if I need to see?! Then, I realized since she’s working pretty much on my eyeballs, this was probably the best thing she could have done so I didn’t open my eyes. The whole experience was so relaxing, I was asleep within five minutes. I’m talking borderline snoring. I was surprised it took about an hour, but I was happy to have nowhere to go and not have to move for 60 minutes. Yes, please.

The Finished Product

^Michele’s super glam, subdued lashes.

^Jen’s va-va-vooooom lashes.

^Jen’s poor attempt at a selfie post-lashes in Vegas

Jen: So I’m mad I didn’t take a before pic, but let’s just say BALD versus hawt damnnnn. I was soooo in love with them, and they honestly were better than any other lashes I’ve had before {seriously!}. Sunny uses the softest of materials, and compared to other spots I’ve gone to recently {ah-hem}, they were so soft and truly felt like extensions of my own versus painful and filled with glue. Lashes are so addicting, and if they’re done correctly {like Sunny did} with great lash material, it’s hard to say no to.

Michele: Hot glam — I literally woke up like this! I was immediately in love with them. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually looked like my own lashes with some of the best volumizing and lengthening mascara money could buy, except I wasn’t wearing any. And the best part was, I couldn’t feel them… at all. No fake lash heaviness, no extra glue stickiness, nothing bulky or out of place — these lashes were perfect {and no, this post is not sponsored}.

Three Weeks Later

^Michele says bye-bye to eye makeup

Jen: I got these bad boys {girls?} for a wedding I had and a trip to Las Vegas, but 3 weeks later I was still in luuuurve. I honestly couldn’t tell which were my lashes and which were Sunny’s — which says a lot. Yes, it’s an expensive habit, but Sunny’s lash talent made me want to continue to get lashes, as I was TOTALLY into them and haven’t even felt one ounce of pain with my lashes falling out {which I can’t say for every application that I’ve had as of late}.

Michele: I’m still in love, even though they’re juuuust starting to fall off — which happens. My favorite part about lash extensions is that I don’t have to wear any makeup. It takes me all of two minutes to get ready in the morning now. All I do is brush them {yes, you have to brush them} and I’m on my way. I did go back a few days later and have Sunny take down some of the volume. They looked amazing, but they were just a tad too much for me. The adjustment was exactly what I needed. I went to a wedding with them and barely needed eyeliner. If you’re a busy girl but like to accentuate your eyes, lash extensions are a gift from heaven. Since I’ve heard some not-so-great lash stories from some of my friends, I’ve been recommending her to everyone who will listen — I’ll absolutely go back to Sunny for another set.

What You Need to Know

Classic extensions will cost you $100 and the application will take an hour {retouch is $80}, Classic Volume is $150 and takes two hours {retouch is $130}, Extreme Russian Volume is $200 and takes two hours {retouch is $175}. You can schedule an appointment here.

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Before we leave you to get yourself some lashes, here are a few “lash commandments” you must follow post-application.

  1. Do not get lashes wet for 12 – 24 hours. Light mist is fine.
  2. Avoid hot steam or sauna.
  3. Avoid running water directly on your lashes.
  4. Do not rub your eyes.
  5. Only use water based mascara {optional – avoid mascara if you can}
  6. If applying mascara, do so from middle to tip, avoid root area.
  7. Use water based / oil free eye makeup remover.
  8. Do not perm your lashes or use an eyelash curler.

**Everyone’s eyes respond differently to eyelash extensions. This post is to be utilized for informational purposes only.


Have you been to TEASE by Sunny? Are you as in love as we are? Let us know and share you peeper pics with us on Insta @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!


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