• A Visit to Eye Candy Lash Bar in Jersey City Heights

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    We’ve been doing a lot of eyelash-getting as of late, and we’re not tired of it yet. For our JC Heights gals {and those who want to do a little uphill climbing/Ubering}, Eye Candy Lash Bar is now open for business at 447 Central Avenue in the Heights. Touted as the neighborhood’s one and only lash bar, they specialize in services ranging from lash extensions, microblading, waxing and brow tinting.  This is a one-stop-shame for go-to glam.

    The owner of Eye Candy Lash Bar, Sandra Santiago, is an esthetician who was tired of having to travel to New York City {and paying those hefty NYC prices} to get her lashes done. So instead, she saved up for five years until she was able to make her dreams of opening her own lash bar finally come true. Sandra wanted it to be the type of place that she herself would want to go to.  The decor is chic and luxurious and much of it was DIYed — including the wall paper that she put up herself and the gold Lash Bar sign that was hand-painted and adorned on the wall.

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    The staff makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door by greeting you with a nice glass of champagne {inside tip: if you go on a Saturday, they also serve delicious pastries fresh from Dulce de Leche bakery right down the street}.  Comfortable beds with throw pillows and blankets await, so you can relax as you get beautified — naps are even encouraged.  

    While this salon does accept walk-ins, they recommend calling to make an appointment since the process of applying lashes takes time. You can expect to be in the salon for up to two hours, as approximately 100 individual lashes are put in place on each eye. The extensions are customized to reflect the type of look that you want, including the volume, thickness and curliness.  If you’re not into the maintenance and upkeep that lash extensions require, you could try a lash lift — a treatment for your natural lashes that adds curl and definition — essentially, a perm for your eyelashes.

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    To get the complete look, don’t forget to do those brows!  The Sugar Daddy Brow lasts two weeks and is a customer favorite, which includes waxing, reshaping, trimming and tinting. For a more permanent solution {and if you want perfect brows every morning}, microblading is also an option.

    Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you want to “woke up like dis” err’day, it appears Eye Candy offers services for all of your beauty needs.

    Have you ever had your lashes done at Eye Candy? Tell us about it!

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    Liya originally hails from Minneapolis, MN (but don't hold that accent against her) and has been a NY/NJ transplant since 2004, when she moved east to attend Hofstra University. Even though she doesn't pronounce coffee like you, she has a passion for some of the best food, culture and lifestyle that this side of the Hudson has to offer. As a new resident of Jersey City Heights {with her husband Scott and their dog Nala}, she's excited to explore her new neighborhood and share her findings with you.


    • Can you please not destroy JC heights like you did Hoboken? Its not trying to be Hoboken, and doesn’t need your hype. We’re all doing just fine up here without your reviews and features. The citizens of JC heights aren’t interested in you making ad revenue off of our local business that you’ve only begun to feature since ran out of things in the Mile square.

    • Can you please not destroy JC heights like you did
      Hoboken? You only started featuring our businesses because you ran out of places in Hoboken. As a home owner and local business owner in JC heights I can say myself and others are uninterested in helping you gain marketing dollars by featuring our business you come to one to write a review on then never return to again.

      JC heights has been doing fine without our reviews and features, and I can gaurntee 90% of our patrons don’t read or care about the posts on this blog.

      Please exclude the good people and business’s of the heights from your narrative, as we never asked to be included in the first place.

    • very bad experience here the girls who work the front are rude on top of that they scratch my skin doing a microdermerbrasion the owner promised me a free micro I called to schedule the acted as if they don’t know me bottom line this place is noisy the girls are rude a big NO trust my word u will regret


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