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The Best Spots in Hoboken to Post Event Flyers

by Lara Cohn
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Our Thursday list of event happenings in Hudson County is a great place to get the word out online about an upcoming charity or business event. But in Hoboken, printed flyers — as old-school as they may seem — are still an effective way to promote and sell tickets around town for various events. There are many neighborhood community boards at local shops to post information about an upcoming event or drop off business cards, coupons or brochures. So we’ve created a list of them. Keep reading for our list of coffee shops, supermarkets, and stores in Hoboken to post event flyers:

Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Post

Before posting a flyer for an event, keep these  tips in mind to help make it as seamless as possible:

  • Many of these boards have their own pins, thumbtacks or magnets, but we recommend bringing some tape or thumbtacks just in case they are all taken.
  • Be respectful to community friends and don’t cover up someone else’s event flyer.
  • Don’t put the flyer up too early before the event as many of these businesses clean their boards weekly.
  • We recommend walking around town to post earlier in the day, as some locations close before 7:00PM {Turning Point for example closes at 3:00PM}.
  • Be appreciative of the businesses. Say thank you and come back after the event is over to take down the flyer. If posting at a location on a regular basis, buy a cup of coffee or croissant.
  • Post flyers in places that attract a similar audience. {For example, baby stores for mommy-and-me classes like Wee Babe or JoJo Maman Bebe are great options}.

The Locations

Now to the important part — where to post in Hoboken. The key is to think outside the box. We’ve rounded up a ton of spots that allow for flyer posting, so keep this handy!

Coffee Shops + Restaurants

Bean Vault Coffee {1 Newark Street}

bean vault coffee hoboken

A magnetic black wall opposite the front door of the coffee shop is where a flyer can be posted.

bwè kafe {1002 Washington Street}

A board is located on the right-hand side of the cafe when customers first walk in, by the milk counter.

Choc O Pain French Bakery {1500 Hudson Street}

The uptown location allows flyers and cards on a counter in the far left corner of the bakery. {The downtown location seems to have taken their area away for posting, but definitely still call to check}. 

Hudson Coffee {1100 Maxwell Lane}

The coffee hotspot has a wall in the back left corner, outside the restrooms, where the community can post flyers.

Hidden Grounds Coffee {700 Garden Street}

hidden grounds coffee hoboken 1

The cafe on the corner of 7th and Garden has a spot on the side of the refrigerator by the milk and sugar counter

Starbucks {51 Newark Street + 1205 Hudson Street}

Both uptown and downtown locations have boards to post {note: the midtown location recently repainted and took down their board —  call to confirm if the board is back up}. Uptown, the board can be found across from the pick-up counter. Downtown, find the board inside the front door on the left side near the pickup area.

Turning Point {1420 Sinatra Drive}

The board is located outside the men’s and women’s restrooms at this breakfast and lunch spot on the waterfront.

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Retail Shops

Athleta {316 Washington Street}

Post fitness, health, and wellness-related events here. The board is on the right-hand side of the front of the store next to the counter.

Flo on Wheels {1222 Washington Street}

This bicycle shop has an area at the front of the store to post flyers.

Jack Rabbit {127 Washington Street}

Join the other active lifestyle events on their community board on the right-hand side in the front of the running store.

Little City Books {100 Bloomfield Street}

little city books

Donna Garban and Kate Jacobs’ independent bookstore has a small board near their front window on the right side. Be sure to ask if it is OK to post or hand the flyer to them to include.

Tunes {225 Washington Street}

This local music shop has a community board located right outside their front door on the right-hand side.


Up+Out {341 Bloomfield Street, 1106 Washington Street}

up and out salon

The owners of the full-service hair salon and blowout bar will gladly take flyers and place them for clients to see.


Acme {614 Clinton Street}

The community board is on the wall in the exit vestibule area at this midtown market.

Kings Food Markets {325 River Street and 1212 Shipyard Lane}

The location downtown is inside the entrance on the wall to the right.  The uptown location is on the wall by the magazines after checkout, however, this one is behind a glass box and if it is locked, ask the manager to open to have your flyers added.

ShopRite {900 Madison Street}

The ShopRite grocery store has their board on the wall to the left-hand side when exiting the store.

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Wine shops

Cork Wines + Spirits {1450 Washington Street}

The giant corkboard is located inside the entrance on the left-hand side.

A Few Extra Places

Ben and Jerry’s {405 Washington Street}

Post a flyer on the ice cream shops wall to the right-hand side in the middle of the store, and then grab a cone of Cherry Garcia {because, why not}.

The Hoboken Public Library {500 Park Avenue}

hoboken library events

The main branch of the library has a community board on the right-hand side of the entrance before heading inside.

Know of other locations around town that will let you post a flyer?

Let us know in the comments and we will add it to the list!

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