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All About Empowered Learning Project + Their Deal for HG Readers

by Hoboken Girl Team
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A child’s education is one of the most important parts of his or her childhood, and all parents know first-hand the consideration that goes into planning for their education. Luckily, Hudson County offers a ton of extra-curricular activities to keep children enriched both in and out of the classroom setting. And thankfully for us, Empowered Learning Project offers customized + individual tutoring sessions to help kids stay on top of those hard-to-grasp subjects {looking at you, Algebra 2}. And, they are offering an exclusive deal for our readers. Check out more about this teacher-created learning and tutoring program started by local residents, located at 89 Hudson Street, Suite 406 in Hoboken, below.

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About Empowered Learning Project

Empowered Learning Project considers themselves ‘enthusiastic educators’ with a passion for teaching children. Throughout their years teaching in classroom settings, they’ve seen first-hand that students are most successful when they can take ownership of their learning. Empowered Learning Project strongly believes that a collaborative partnership between the educator, student, and parent is the most powerful tool in helping a child grow. Their instructors have been trained in multiple methods of instruction, which offers students a targeted approach to learning during tutoring sessions. It’s their goal to provide multi-sensory and differentiated instruction that meets the needs of each child while empowering them and instilling a lifetime love for learning.

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After teaching and tutoring in Manhattan and in Hoboken for many years, the founders of Empowered Learning Project, John Swierczewski and Jenna Collisson, decided to build a company within Hudson County that benefits the community with premier tutoring services. “Based on our experience in the classroom and working with clients, we find students are most successful and motivated when they take ownership over their learning. This includes being a part of their goal-setting, reflecting on the work they’re doing, and understanding how their school work will help them in their everyday life,” said John Swierczewski, one of the founders.

Customized Tutoring

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Empowered Learning Project is more than just a tutoring company. Their mindful, individualized, and instructional approach helps children learn the skills and strategies needed for success. They do this by designing a plan through an initial assessment, which allows students to take ownership of their learning.

empowered learning project

Throughout the tutoring sessions, plans are constantly revised to ensure goals are being met. The team at Empowered Learning Project believes in open communication and feedback between the educator, student, and parent. They primarily focus tutoring sessions on literacy instruction {reading + writing} and math for elementary and middle school-aged students. They also offer test prep tutoring for different schools’ entrance exams. {Take the stress out of standardized testing.} Some of their tutors are even trained in Orton-Gillingham, an explicit and multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy.

Classes + Workshops

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Most of their work with students is in one-on-one tutoring, but they also offer partner and small group tutoring for students who are in need of the same types of support. Additionally, they offer a variety of workshops throughout the year, such as Reading + Phonics, Writing about Reading, Essay Writing, and Mathematical Reasoning + Problem Solving. Soon they’ll be organizing book clubs for students as well {how cool!}.

“We find book clubs to be a fun and motivating way to encourage students to read while holding them more accountable in their reading work.”


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Empowered Learning Project is located at 89 Hudson Street, Suite 406. Parents who prefer tutoring in a location other than their home can bring children to this location for sessions. They work with children in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, Union City, and West New York. Contact them here to get started. And, don’t forget — mention Hoboken Girl and get a bonus 11th session for free when you purchase 10 sessions.

This post is sponsored by Empowered Learning Project. 

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