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Made in New Jersey: Elements Truffles {Ayurvedic Chocolates}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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In October of 2015, Alak Vasa was a trader on Wall Street — and found herself often using chocolate as a coping mechanism for her stress. “Those were some stressful days, and I still remember how each time when the going got tough, a good chocolate kept me going.” But alas, chocolate wasn’t enough to keep her channeling the zen. Along the way, she was introduced to the world of spirituality, according to her own account. “That is when I experienced how balancing five intrinsic elements of our body could bring one back home — to the natural state of happiness, calm and peace.” Fast-forward a few months and she was leaving the rough trading world for a culinary dream: to be a chocolatier.

During her culinary experiences, a thought emerged: “How wonderful it would be if I could blend these two dimensions of inner and outer comfort?” After countless experiments with chocolate in its purest form and Ayurveda {a food science that reveals the secrets of how to balance the five elements — earth, water, fire, air and ether — in our body}, Elements Truffles was born in Jersey City.


Now if you’re lucky to have sampled one of these bars, you know that these special bits of chocolate goodness are just as pretty on the outside as they taste on the inside. “We take no shortcuts. Our purest ingredients have been selected from Fair Trade manufacturers that fiercely align with our philosophy.” Case in point: the cacao used is made from the finest quality Criollo beans from Peru and the honey is extracted ethically from hard-working local honey bees of New Jersey. Hand-crafted in micro batches, Elements Truffles’ chocolate is raw, organic, free from dairy, free from GMOs or any artificial flavors and infused with Ayurvedic super foods. “Our chocolates are made with the purest ingredients and intention to spread happiness and love. Our body is made up of five elements — Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Ayurveda superfoods help balance these elements and bring about a sense of happiness and peace.”

To sweeten the sitch and learn more about the process/what the founder has up her sleeve, we chatted with Alak to learn more about her uniquely-made chocolates taking Hudson County by storm.


^Alak with her chocolatier chef’s hat on

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What goes into the process of making Elements Truffles?

A lot of love, intention to spread happiness and a sense of purpose. I really wanted to create a brand with the intention to uplift. To spread love and happiness — that state of being that I experience over time after my meditation, and I found that medium in cacao. Our chocolates are handmade in micro batches with vedic chants playing the background. These Vedic chants that we play in the background have the effect of bringing you into now and infusing subtle positive energy into the food. We take no shortcuts. Our purest ingredients have been selected from Fair Trade manufacturers that fiercely align with our philosophy.

Our chocolates are raw and organic free from dairy, refined sugar, GMOs, gluten, soy, emulsifiers and artificial anything. We are committed to making a difference in the lives around us, so 25% of the profits go towards supporting wholesome education of under-privileged children in tribal areas of India.

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^A recent chocolate-making class with Alak in Jersey City.

“My favorite thing about creating Elements Truffles is that I am living and breathing my passion — that I have the opportunity to create a clean and delicious product and share it with everyone.”


What is the hardest thing about owning your own business?

The hardest thing about owning a business is dealing with the unknown. Keeping the faith and believing in yourself despite all the ups and downs. It is so easy to question what you are doing and doubt yourself especially when things are not going well.



What’s next for Elements Truffles?

Our focus is on growing organically by working with the right partners and creating deeper relationships. Partnering with people and organizations that share our value system and passion.
The long term vision for Elements Truffles is to build a brand and culture centered around promoting a holistic and balanced lifestyle through good food — food that is not only made with good ingredients but also with good intentions. We would love to expand our product line to include products that help promote awareness about Ayurveda and how one can integrate the Ayurvedic principles in their day to day life effortlessly. I personally have a sweet tooth and so my creations would naturally be inclined towards desserts, but wholesome raw snacks are not off the table.


Who is a person you credit towards helping with your success?

One person without whom this company would not exist is my spouse. He is the one who believed in me and continues to push me to believe in myself and the product. Despite his own day job, he has always been around as my rock solid support system — be it delivery/production runs or emotional breakdowns.


Can you share some advice for those trying to create their own business?

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, as that is the best part. The ups and downs are what make it fun and give depth to the entire journey. Hold on to the three P’s : Passion, Perseverance and Patience — and have faith – in yourself, your team, your product, your vision and the universe. Help does come your way from the people you least expect!


We got a chance to try a few of these amazing bars, and Orange Pistachio infused with Tumeric {and 70% cacao might we add} was a standout chocolate bar — such a unique taste mixed with a rich cacao blend. A few other favorites include: Raspberry with Beet Root Infusion, Rose with Cardamon Infusion, Peppermint with Lavender Infusion, and Sea Salt with Turmeric Infusion. The bars are both sold online here {and on Amazon and Uncommon Goods}, and at various local shops in Jersey City including the Hudson Greene Market, Hudson Play, Key Foods, and Sprout Marketplace. A truly spiritual chocolate experience — from start to finish.

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Have you tried Elements Truffles? What did you think?

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