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Hoboken-Based Electric Picks Collaborates on Jewelry Line with Caitlyn Warakomski

by Alexis Spoden
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Local Jewelry company, Electric Picks will be launching its collaboration collection with local Jersey City influencer, Caitlyn Warakomski on February 4th, 2021. The two sat down with the Hoboken Girl team and discussed their collaboration process, design inspiration, and each piece in the collection. Mark your calendars, because these gorgeous pieces would make the perfect Valentine’s day gifts for a special someone, or just for yourself!

About The Collaboration

electric picks collaboration caitlyn warakomski

MJ and Chantel, the founders of the local Jewelry Company, Electric Picks, always curate and craft each piece of jewelry with thought and love, and their collaborations are no different. They make sure to work with the right people that match their core values and aesthetic. With Caitlyn, it was a no brainer for Electric Picks. 

“She’s so warm, and her style was just resonating with us. She mixes cool, eclectic vintage fashion with new pieces and we love vintage! Then I realized she was in Jersey City and we’re neighbors! I really value the local community so that just made it even more exciting to work together,” MJ explains. 

electric picks collaboration caitlyn warakomski

Caitlyn has been a fan of the brand for a while. Prior to the collaboration, Caitlyn “took two of our pieces and styled them in a way that I would have never thought to put them together, and people literally went crazy for it! They were sold out for three months straight,” MJ explained. “So seeing how people were reacting to her ideas and how she was using our jewelry we thought it was a perfect match.” 

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When Electric Picks reached out to Caitlyn about the design collaboration back in September, she was thrilled and was already thinking that this was something she would like to do with them. “I was so so so so excited. As MJ said, they first sent me these two bold chunky necklaces and I wore them nonstop. I never took them off. Number one they were so cute, and number two they were lasting. I was like this is amazing jewelry, and my audience loves them, so it felt like the perfect fit,” Caitlyn explained. 

The Collection + Inspiration

electric picks collaboration caitlyn warakomski

The collection includes three necklaces and two earrings. They were designed to seamlessly be paired together stacked, or easily worn on their own. The Elizabeth Necklace is a locket inspired design based on a vintage locket that Caitlyn and MJ picked out together. It is then cast, polished, molded, and plated. The Samantha Necklace has an organic shape gold coin featuring a starry opal in the center. “I wanted it to be opal or some kind of gem that compliments the gold really well,” Caitlyn explained. The Caitlyn Necklace is a simple, dainty gold chain with small, subtle gold ball detailing around the necklace. 

The Taylor hoops feature the same raw gold coin with opal detail as the Samantha Necklace, and the Emily Hoops are a simple huggie-style with gold ball detailing. Both look great worn together if customers have two piercings in their ears.

electric picks collaboration caitlyn warakomski

Price points are $68 to $98 so super affordable, and everything is either gold plated or filled so will last. Electric Picks also has a lifetime guarantee on all its jewelry so customers need not worry. 

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MJ and Caitlyn both sourced different lockets from collectors, vintage and antique shops to eventually find the perfect locket for the Elizabeth Necklace. “I love thrifting and vintage shopping, so I really wanted to incorporate a vintage aspect to the jewelry, but I also wanted it to be approachable and accessible for everybody. I wanted it to be something that was eclectic and vintage-inspired, but still, something that people could wear every single day,” Caitlyn explained. “I went through my jewelry and took out some of my OG pieces that I always gravitate toward and just tried to create something that felt like my personality.” Caitlyn then took to sketches to put her ideas to paper. 

The Info

electric picks collaboration caitlyn warakomski

The Electric Picks x Caitlyn Warakomski collection launches on February 4th, 10:00AM EST at www.electricpicks.com. The pieces will also be exclusively available at local boutiques, Brooke + Bel, and Margo Market in Hoboken. 


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