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16 Local Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Hudson County

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If we’re being honest, Earth Day should be every day.

After all, it’s a day dedicated to supporting environmentalist causes and showing gratitude to all Mother Nature gives us. Traditionally, ways to celebrate Earth Day include the usual things like planting a tree or starting a mini garden inside broken egg shells. But we’re here to tell you that there’s so much more to celebrating Earth Day than just that.

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Every conscious choice you make on April 22nd {and beyond} might be a way to celebrate Earth Day, especially if you’re making choices in the name of sustainability. Whether you ride a bike to work instead of taking the bus or opt for a reusable bag at the grocery store checkout, all of these things are ways to celebrate and help the environment, little by little.

Keep reading to check out 16 local ways you can celebrate Earth Day in Hoboken and Jersey City:

Try Jersey Bike Share or Citi Bike

Commandeer a bicycle and make your way around town — and feel good about the environment while doing it! It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise in. PS: Jersey Bike Share is sponsoring the Hoboken Wellness Crawl and will be offering free rides throughout the day — perfect to test it out. Click here for tickets.

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Register for Spring Fling Community Cleanup Day in Hoboken

Spring Fling Community Cleanup Day is coming up soon and one great way to celebrate Earth Day is to volunteer your time. Spring Fling is taking place Saturday, May 4th from 10:00AM-2:00PM. You can register for Spring Fling here.

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Order From Places with Sustainable To-Go Containers

Not so fun-fun fact: plastic to-go containers leak out nasty chemicals when they get hot — yuck. Avoid the dangers of plastic leaching by ordering to-go food from local spots with sustainable containers. These include Bareburger, Shaka Bowl, Busy Bee Organics, and more.

Use a Reusable Bag

Plastic schmastic. What’s really hip and cool now in 2019 is using a reusable bag. Whether you’re shopping for clothes or stocking up your fridge, using a reusable bag {like a cotton tote bag or netted bag} is one of the easiest ways to choose sustainability. Hoboken has already banned plastic bags and Jersey City will be rolling out this ordinance later in 2019.

Opt for Electronic Billing

Paper invoices and bills are so 2018. Spend Earth Day changing all your settings, opting for electronic billing. Whether it’s your car payment, credit card payment, or whatever else — make it digital.

Check out Local Farmers’ Markets

There are a lot of farmers markets to choose from in Hudson County, coming very soon. Garden Street Farmers Market opens every Saturday at 9:00AM, Hoboken’s Farmers Market opens 2:00PM on Tuesday, and Riverview Farmers Market opens 10:00AM Sunday. The first day of the HDSID Farmer’s Market is April 29th — almost here!

Add a Sustainable Note to Your Amazon Account

Amazon Prime is actually all about sustainable practices and as a company, they do their best to honor zero waster’s wishes. First thing you have to do is alert customer service. Write an email to [email protected], requesting a note on your account to avoid plastic packaging and surplus packaging.

You can also sign up for Frustration-Free Packaging, an Amazon service eliminates all unnecessary packaging like packing peanuts, extra boxes, etc.

Lastly, use How2Recycle to get rid of the surplus stuff that does come in packaging. Various drop-off locations accept packaging elements like bubble wrap and air-filled plastic.

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Explore Our Local Composting Options

Registering for our local composting options is a proactive way to celebrate Earth Day. But even if you’re not ready to commit, research is a great first step. You can check out Hoboken Girl’s ultimate guide to composting in Hoboken here.

Hoboken residents can bring their food scraps to the City’s Public Works Garage at 256 Observer Highway on Saturdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM and Mondays from 8:00AM-12:00PM for free thanks to the Community Compost Company.

For local businesses interested in composting in Hoboken, the City offers free curbside pickup of food scraps.

Test Your Tap Water

The Environmental Working Group recently introduced a new tool called the EWG Tap Water Database. It allows users to find the efficacy of their public water in searching by zip code. The database shows users the contaminants in their water, the likely sources of said contaminants, and offers insight into how to filter the contaminants out.

Sign Up for Hoboken Museum’s Secret Garden Tour

The Hoboken Historical Museum is hosting its annual Secret Garden Tour on Sunday, June 2nd. You can register for the self-guided walking tour here.

Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

If you haven’t invested in a reusable water bottle yet, celebrate this Earth Day by ditching the nasty, wasteful plastic water bottles. Mother nature — and all the turtles and other marine life — will thank you.

Borrow a Book From the Library

This may seem like a small one, but since one of the most meaningful sustainable practices is buying secondhand, and borrowing a book from the library is a great choice. Not to mention, it’ll save you money.

Join Hoboken’s Green Team

Hoboken’s Green Team is a panel of locals dedicated to introducing and managing “green” initiatives throughout the Mile Square City. You can check out the Green Team’s meeting schedule here.

Adopt a Sanctuary Animal

Animals in sanctuaries are always in need of adoption, sponsoring, or donations. Plus, New Jersey has a wolf sanctuary just outside of Tom’s River. Howling Woods Farm Sanctuary rehabilitates wolf dogs and then puts them up for adoption to good homes in states that allow wolf-dogs as pets.

If you’re not willing to adopt or sponsor an animal, you can always donate. Donations go toward feeding and overall care for the sanctuary animals, as well as Howling Woods programming.

Research Your Recycling Program

There’s always room to learn more about your local recycling program and Hoboken has many recycling options. Recycling can be picked up by the City, dropped off, or composted. For more info on Hoboken’s recycling guidelines, check out our ultimate guide to recycling in Mile Square here.

Join Forces with Girl Scout Troop 12881

This local Girl Scout troop has been working on a project that aims to maintain trees in Hoboken communities that have typically had a hard time supporting trees. The troop is currently looking for local organizations + other troops to help them with the long-term care of their two trees. For more information on how to help, contact troop 12881 via email at [email protected].

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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