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The Dogs of Hoboken: Brody {The Liberty Humane Society Rescue}

by Will
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Who doesn’t love a good rescue story? Our Hoboken dog of the week was rescued from our friends at the Liberty Humane Society. Meet Brody Montana!


^From homeless to Hoboken

Brody’s mom and dad Meg & David tell us the story of adopting Brody.

“After living in Manhattan for 3 years, my now husband David and I decided to make the move across the river for space and all the positive reviews we got from our Hobokenites.” says Meg. “We were in the midst of hardcore wedding planning and my dreams of adopting a dog were crushed by all the new responsibilities/planning we had ahead of us. That was UNTIL I came across this scruffy, goofy looking dog named White who was abandoned and being featured on Facebook by the Liberty Humane Society.”


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^Brody looking scruffy after being found wandering the streets by the Liberty Humane Society  

“Something about this dog had me hooked from the second I laid eyes on him. I brought it up to David and the answer was a hard no. Thankfully I didn’t listen and applied anyway. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. We received a call 2 weeks later from the wonderful staff at LHS who let me know that he wasn’t adopted yet and asked if I wanted to come in and meet him. I was at breakfast and had to let David in on my little secret that I applied. After an hour of powerful convincing that we were just going to go there to “look”, he finally agreed and we were en route to LHS!”

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“When White came out into the playpen, it was love at first sight. He looked like a muppet and couldn’t really run. He preferred to hop and looked like a little kangaroo. His quirkiness and sweet disposition had us sold. Within 20 minutes (and some tears shed on my part), we adopted him and Ubered back to his new forever home in Hoboken. So long White, hello Brody!”


^Brody approves of his new life. {photo cred: Lindsay Madden Photography}

We always believe that everything happens for a reason and Brody is the biggest example of that. He has made our lives exponentially happier and we can’t imagine life without him. We both sprint home to greet him, fight over who his favorite is, and are both so obsessed with him.”

“Brody is smart, mischievous, loving, quirky, and completely in tune with your emotions.” says David. “He knows exactly how you’re feeling at all times. If you’re happy, he naturally gets more playful and starts sprinting around the apartment doing “zoomies.” If you’re sick, he will not leave your side for a second and cuddles up right next to you. He is a complete and total lovebug.


Brody Q & A

Favorite sleeping spot?

Under the bed or on top of our heads.

Favorite dog treat?

Buddy Biscuits!

Favorite human food?

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish—don’t even think about opening up a bag without him sprinting and getting 2 inches from your face


Stuffed animals! Right now he is an all out war with Porky the Porcupine.

Favorite Hoboken restaurant?

Believe it or not, it’s actually not a food joint. It’s Luna Rosa- a place we frequently shop at for home décor. He’s caught on to the fact that they always give him treats when we walk in. He pulls to go down that block and make the turn into the store. Good for mom, bad news for dad.

 Favorite naughty habit?

Every day when we leave for work and before our dog walker comes during lunch, Brody goes into the bathroom, pulls out the trash can and places it into the living room. We think it’s just to show us that he can open any door that we close!

Scared of?

Nothing so far! He’s been in thunderstorms, heard fireworks, and he’s still completely chill!

Funny and/or scary story?

We recently got cool gel pillows for our bed so that both sides of the pillow are always cold. Such a brilliant invention, and King Brody thought so too. He sleeps on top of our heads and in the middle of the night when he thinks we’re fast asleep, he stretches out and paws us off the pillow.


To volunteer or consider rescuing your own pup from LHS, click here.

Want your pup photographed and featured on HobokenGirl.com by our resident dog photog? Email [email protected]!

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