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Local Hoboken Dog Walker Spends Weekend Picking Up Dog Poop

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Poop in Hoboken has been a serious hygiene problem the last few weeks and has caused many residents to reach out with complaints, as well as taken to Facebook to share their frustrations. But one local dog-walking company owner, Luis Perez of Luv on a Harness, has decided to take the matter into his own hands — literally — instead of just complaining about it on social media. He tagged The Hoboken Girl in a series of posts on social to media to share what he was doing, as well as posting it on local Facebook groups and forums.

Throughout the weekend, he and his fiancé devoted their time to picking up dog poop found scattered/left around Hoboken.

Hoboken Dog Walker Dog Poop

Luis, a local resident, born in Hoboken, + dog walker of three years at Luv on a Harness Pet Company, shared with The Hoboken Girl that he walks many miles a day throughout the Mile Square, and was noticing how unsanitary the conditions were all around the area.

“We walk over 15 miles a day throughout Hoboken, and after the snowstorm, my fiancé and I noticed the tremendous amounts of dog stool,” he explained.

Knowing how unsafe it is for dogs — causing bacterial and viral infections and parasites such as Giardia — as well as for children and adults walking through the areas, they decided to do something about it.

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On Friday, he posted on his Instagram:


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A post shared by Luv on A Harness LLC (@luvonaharness)

“Hello neighbors,

My fiance and I have noticed the tremendous amounts of dog poop all throughout Hoboken. Since we live here and work here, we have decided to help clean up our community. ‘While we do walk pups, we also have 2 of our own. Not only is the doog poop disgusting it is also unsafe for both our pups as it is for the children!”

The couple shared that they’d be out on Saturday 3/6 uptown cleaning up the streets, and Sunday 3/7 downtown.

“If you want to leave a comment below in reference to the streets that any neighbors have seen crazy amounts of [poop emoji] please be so kind to let us know! We will do our best to be the solution to this problem!”

“Not only do we work here but we also live here! We LUV giving back to this great community and it prompted us to go out there, and do what we do best! We were out there on Saturday from 8AM-2PM.”

In just a few hours, the duo had a serious amount of rogue dog poop found throughout uptown Hoboken.

We picked up about 2 industrial-size trash bags worth of poop! That was only uptown. Filled up the whole trash can on the corner of 11th and Clinton! We used 525 doggy bags and placed them inside the industrial trash bag!

They are also going out Sunday to tackle downtown Hoboken and welcome others to join them.

The Poop Situation in Hoboken

Hoboken has had its battles over the feces debacle for quite some time. Back in 2019, in an effort to reduce the amount of pet waste in Hoboken, the City passed a dog poop ordinance that carries fines as large as $2,000. But, locals are saying, no follow-through is currently happening in 2021. And in that sense, many owners are also not taking care of their own dogs’ poop — especially during snowstorms.

Reports of plainclothes police officers going undercover in the Mile Square with intentions of fining pet owners who did not leash their dogs, pick up their poop, or dispose of it properly surfaced shortly after the ordinance first debuted in 2019. The problem dissipated for a period of time, but, since then, the follow-through by owners appears to be less apparent.

You may also remember the outcry from locals regarding fines for dogs being on the grass in certain areas of Hoboken, but at the time, the City shared with The Hoboken Girl that it would be focusing its efforts on other areas of enforcement.

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Over the past year, dog poop waste stations have been installed throughout areas of Hoboken, sponsored by local residents and buildings, which give out free poop bags to those stuck without in a pinch. Still, these efforts seem to be falling flat as poop has been spotted everywhere in the Mile Square — especially after the plethora of snowstorms that have taken place over the last few weeks.

However, the real problem here is that Luis and Nyomi even had to do this.

Serious PSA: PICK UP YOUR DOG’S POOP — it’s not someone else’s job.



If you want to follow or help Luis’ cleanup, or support his local business in Hoboken, follow @luvonaharness on Instagram and DM him directly.

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