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Fee-Free Adoption Event This Weekend — Plus Adoptable NJ + NYC Pets

by Samantha Impaglia
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It’s a big weekend for pet adoption in the Hudson County and New York City areas. Liberty Humane Society is having a fee-free virtual adoption weekend for select dogs and cats from Friday, October 21st to Sunday, October 23rd, and Waldo’s Rescue Pen is having an adoption event (with fees that go to support the organization) in Hoboken on Saturday, October 22nd — making it a great weekend to find a new furry friend. We’ve rounded up what we know about these local events happenings through the weekend, as well as some of the pets who are available for adoption from both rescues. Read on to learn more and to see some of the dogs and cats you can adopt this weekend locally.

Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society is a Jersey City rescue that cares for, treats, and finds homes for thousands of animals every year around Hudson County and North Jersey — including dogs, cats, rabbits, and critters. The organization is having a fee-free adoption weekend from Friday, October 21st to Sunday, October 23rd. All cats 6 months and older as well as all dogs 40 pounds and over will have adoption fees waived. Head to Liberty Humane Society’s website to see all of the available cats and dogs.

lhs adoption weekend

Here are a few of the pets that are looking to be adopted into North Jersey homes this weekend:


baptiste lhs

Name: Baptiste

Breed: Domestic short-hair mix

Age: Adult

Ideal Home: Baptiste would do best in a home with lots of gentle love and patience.

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Baptiste is very shy and everything is a little spooky to her still. She loves having some quiet company. Whether you’re reading, scrolling through YouTube, or doodling in a notebook, she is happy to have company and it would definitely help her adjust to her new owner. Baptiste is very curious to slowly explore around her, so she hopes someone can be by her side to love her and be a part of her little adventures. She also loves head and neck scratches.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Baptiste was brought to Liberty Humane Society from a hoarding case with unsuitable conditions.

For Baptiste’s adoption information, click here.

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oreo lhs

Name: Oreo

Breed: Boxer + Collie mix

Age: 7 months

Ideal Home: Oreo would do best in a home with other dogs, as well as people that are patient with him and will teach him.

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Oreo has never been socialized or introduced to anything before — so everything scares him right now. Besides that, he is an extremely loving pup when he opens up to people and feels safer.

For Oreo’s adoption information, click here.

Waldo’s Rescue Pen

Waldo’s Rescue Pen is a 501c3 foster-based dog rescue based out of New York City. The organization is having an adoption event at House of ‘Que on Saturday, October 22nd from 11AM-1PM at 340 Sinatra Drive in Hoboken. While Waldo’s does have adoption fees, all of the money goes back to saving more dogs, buying supplies for fosters, getting pups their vaccines/microchips, heartworm testing + neutering, and also paying for unexpected vet bills.

waldos adoption event

Here are a few of the pups that are looking for their forever homes in North Jersey or NYC this weekend:


hart waldos

Name: Hart

Breed: Mixed breed

Weight: 38 pounds

Age: 1-2

Ideal Home: Hart would do best in a single-family home.

Kids: 10+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Crate-Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Other Training: Hart knows how to sit, and takes treats nicely. She loves to please, and looks like she will be a very quick learner.

Leash Manners: Hart is doing well walking on a leash, but is very interested in all the smells in the city — she is still adjusting to walking next to her owner and in a straight line.

Personality: Hart is so funny. She is a literal ‘sweet Hart’ with a heart on her nose. She really enjoys snuggles, and thinks she is half her size, as well as a lap dog, and will place her head on your lap or shoulder whenever possible.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Hart came to Waldo’s from Georgia, where she was found as a stray outside a home.

For Hart’s adoption information, click here.

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pumpernickel waldos

Name: Pumpernickel

Breed: Mixed breed

Weight: 50 pounds

Age: 2-3

Ideal Home: Pumpernickel would do best in an apartment or single-family home. He would also benefit from being in an active household. Like every dog, he would love a backyard, but it’s not required.

Kids: 10+

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Yes

Crate-Trained: Working on it! Pumpernickel does well in his crate for a few hours during the day. He does not like to sleep in his crate right now, so we are working on it being a positive space for him.

House Trained: Pumpernickel goes out every 4-5 hours at the moment.

Other Training: Pumpernickel is slowly working on basic manners. He has been in foster care for just around 2 weeks. He is adjusting to getting comfortable with all the city noises and smells first.

Leash Manners: Pumpernickel pulls a bit because he’s excited to say “hi”.

Personality: Pumpernickel is outgoing, friendly, and energetic, and would love a running and hiking buddy.

Why she/he was brought to the rescue: Pumpernickel was impounded by animal control due to horrific conditions — with no food or water. He was covered in sores that looked like possible allergic reactions to flea bites. Waldo’s Rescue saved him from a shelter in Georgia and brought him to New York.

For Pumpernickel’s adoption information, click here.

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