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Dharma Home Suites at The Grove: Luxury Lodging in Jersey City

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Whether you’re looking for a place to stay while you transition from an apartment to a house, or you need a space to house visiting friends, finding lodging can be difficult. Luckily, Dharma Home Suites is bringing new luxury, short-term apartment suites to Jersey City {and Hoboken} for stays up to a year. Dharma Home Suites runs a number of residences across the country — including several in Hoboken and Jersey City. Dharma’s newest complex—The Grove — has opened its doors just off the Grove PATH stop. The cluster of restaurants and bars in the area makes this the perfect place for your next home. Read on to find out more about these long-term and short-term apartment suites:

Long-term, furnished residential buildings have gained traction on the housing market. Young professionals are seeing the benefits of a fully functional apartment with hotel-like amenities. As Hoboken and Jersey City’s population of millennial entrepreneurs continues to expand, long-term residences provide relief from the typical residential experience. This means no exhausting trips to IKEA on move-in day. Dharma Home Suites at The Grove provides everything to you to live comfortably and more.

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The Grove houses 24 apartments with one- and two-bedroom homes. Apartments range between 750 and 1200 sq. ft {goodbye,  cramped living} and are fully furnished with the addition of a flat screen TV — a great space for a movie night with friends. The sleek, modern furnishings curate the perfect living space for young professionals and visitors. All apartments are designed with a balanced Feng Shui for optimum harmony throughout the space. Additionally, the private rooftop access from Dharma’s two-bed penthouses give guests a space to breathe and take in the skyline views.

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Kitchens are equipped for making meals with new chic appliances and kitchenware so guests are able to entertain friends with dinner and drinks {and don’t worry, the dishes are courtesy of Dharma}. The stainless steel appliances showcase the elegant white cabinets and countertops. Culinary newbies and master chefs alike will find use for this tasteful space.

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As for where you’ll be resting your head at night, uncluttered bedrooms make falling asleep a breeze. Rather than staying in a cramped hotel room, kick off your shoes and sprawl out on your bed, knowing there’s a kitchen and luxe suite awaiting one room over. As for the most important part of any bedroom, the closets are large enough to fit a wardrobe for every season, so guests will never have to worry about digging out a winter parka when the weather changes. Beds come with clean linens and pillows to keep sleepers comfy even in their dreams and fresh toiletries and towels are provided for all guests. As an added bonus, apartments come with an in-unit washer and dryer.

Other than their buildings, Dharma Home Suites partners with AirBnB to manage rental properties for luxury homes and apartments. Building owners and landlords alike can use Dharma as a third-party management company to handle their AirBnB account and rent out their space.

Proven by the success of their other complexes, Dharma Home Suites knows how to do comfort. The Grove’s endless amenities and stylish decor seem to be no different. Book your next stay with Dharma Home Suites at The Grove in Jersey City for a relaxing, no-stress, luxurious time. Contact Dharma Home Suites to learn more about their management program by giving them a call at 1-833-MYDHARMA {693-4276}. They’re also available via email at [email protected].

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