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HG Reader Courtney Shares How She’s Been Spending Her Time at Home

by Arielle Witter
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Another week at home has come and gone once again and we’re back again with the next installment of our new #QuarantineLife series. This time around, we spoke with local Hoboken Girl reader Courtney to learn more about how she has been spending her days in quarantine. From the most productive thing she’s done so far to the show she’s been binge-watching since the quarantine began, we’re sharing it all. Here’s a snapshot into Courtney’s life in quarantine:

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What do you do for work? 

I am a senior designer and illustrator.

What time do you get up in quarantine? Has that changed at all? 

Between 7:00AM-7:30AM and it hasn’t really changed.

Describe your day in self-isolation? 

I’m usually woken up by my cat or husband. I have coffee and a bite to eat, scroll through Instagram to tag friends in memes, and post stories so my mother knows I’m still alive and doesn’t worry.

I then take a shower, brush my teeth, and rock that #WFH messy bun bare face look {unless I have a Zoom call later that day, in which case I apply eyeliner and do my hair}. It’s around the time when I am back in yoga pants and a t-shirt that I start working on. After work, I either do a virtual workout, catch up with friends or family on the phone, or FaceTime, read a book, watch something on Netflix, or my usual go-to drawing, painting, or design.

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How has your routine changed?

I am used to being a bit of a socialite, so staying home and not going out three to four times a week is odd to me. I was partially furloughed as a result of COVID and working less hours until things go back to normal.  I am making the most of the time by starting new or finishing old projects.

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Most of my family {mom, dad, and sister-in-law} are in the medical field so I get updates about COVID from them. They are not in as densely populated an area as I am and they wear a lot of PPE so I try to not worry about them, but sometimes do.

I am cooking more than usual {and by me I mean my husband} but typically we rely heavily on takeout due to our schedules. According to my Fitbit, I don’t take as many steps as I did when I was commuting. I can’t tell at this point if I am to lose or gain weight from all this “me” time.

Do you work out virtually?

I have a subscription to Beachbody On-Demand and am currently doing an 80-day obsession which is mostly HIT workouts. I have a coach and an accountability group to cheer me on, share advice, and talk through obstacles with so it’s been a positive experience thus far.

What’s your go-to local delivery spot that has come through for you time after time during the pandemic? 

Ghost Truck Kitchen — got to love a meal on wheels.

What is the best website to keep you occupied? 

My portfolio site cemasondesign.com and it’s something that I never have time to update so that is what I have been working on at the moment

What’s one thing you cannot wait to do once restrictions are lessened?

Hug, kiss, and go to brunch with all my friends and family.

What is your favorite song from the 7:00PM cheers/a song you want to hear?

Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

What is your favorite websites/online entertainment during this time?

Instagram stories, memes, and YouTube.

What is the first business you’ll visit once restrictions are lifted?

By the time things go back to normal, it will be summer.  You’ll find me overlooking the skyline at Lutze and Pier 13 having something fun to drink.

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What is the most productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

I started a virtual paint + sip class series through zoom which has been a great way to connect and get creative. The next class is May 14th from 6:00PM-8:00PM. The link to register is here.

What is the most non-productive thing you’ve done all quarantine?

Binge watched Tiger King.

What have you been doing during the quarantine? Let us know in the comments!


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