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Coffee With CarePoint Health Kicks Off May 2nd

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Looking for a way to connect with other local women and get some {dare we say it} FREE medical advice? Coffee with CarePoint is an opportunity to connect with ladies in our community and to talk openly about health concerns and address questions outside of the doctor’s office {ya know, those ones that are a bit embarrassing to ask}. This group of ladies will meet monthly over coffee with guest female physicians to cover topics you are most curious about — from GI issues to pelvic health and even fertility.

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About Coffee With CarePoint

This will be a monthly series at the CarePoint Hospital in Hoboken, focusing on a variety of women’s issues. It’s a free event, open to the public, where women can get together, ask questions, and get medical advice from doctors. The first event is May 6th from 6:00-8:00PM at the Institute for Women’s Health in Hoboken on the topic of foot health. Click here for more info!

Why Foot Health?

Apart from the occasional pedicure {that better be sanitary!}, many of us tend to use and abuse our feet—maybe because “foot health” has a less-than-sexy connotation. But hey, commuting in pumps can make your feet hurt like hell for good reason. Bunions and plantar fasciitis happen to many women, according to the doctors at CarePoint, especially after hitting the pavement in our running shoes, which has a bigger impact on our feet than you might think. Research shows that most people have a foot injury of some sort by age 40, and women undergo the majority of common-problem foot surgeries. So with all that on the horizon {sounds lovely, eh?}, you may want to stop by Coffee With CarePoint just to check in and make sure you’re in the clear. 

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The Institute for Women’s Health

Wanting to broaden the options for women’s health in Hudson County, Carepoint Health started the Institute for Women’s Health in October of 2017, a care center designed specifically for women, by women. The center is located on the first floor of the hospital at 308 Willow Avenue in Hoboken. It started with a focus on pelvic care {some of these issues could be but are not limited to endometriosis, incontinence, pelvic pain, and infertility}. Within the year, the Institute for Women’s Health has expanded to have other specialists who cater to breast health, vein problems, bone density, sports medicine, and overall female care.

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According to Dr. Meika, the Chief Medical Officer of Carepoint, “the Women’s Center is a one-stop shop. Surgery, lab work, and radiology are all done in-house so there is no need for multiple office visits.” There are also Health Designers on hand to help guide you through services.


Doctors that are currently on staff at The Institute for Women’s Health:

-Dr. Andrea Vidali: Focus on endometriosis and pelvic pain

-Dr. Osbert Fernandez: Focus on endometriosis and pelvic pain

-Dr. Asulin: Focus on incontinence and female organ prolapse

-Dr. Allison Skrikande: Focus pelvic rehabilitation medicine

-Dr. Niva Herzig: Focus on all physical therapy needs for all pelvic concerns as well as recovery from child birth and hysterectomy

-Dr. Aimee Seungdamrong: OB/GYN – Infertility

-Dr. Daniel Spiel: Interventional radiology with a focus on pelvic pain management

Carepoint Health – Institute for Women’s Health is located on the first floor within Hoboken University Medical Center.

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The Institute for Women’s Health is located within the first floor of the Hoboken University Medical Center {308 Willow Ave. Hoboken, NJ 07030}

Phone: 201-418-1000

Click here to RSVP for Coffee with CarePoint’s first event on May 2nd here!

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