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Career Girl: April Franzino, Beauty Director {at Good Housekeeping}

by Andrea
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Whenever I find myself chatting about dream jobs {really, it comes up a lot!}, the one thing people constantly remark is how they covet the lifestyles of their favorite beauty experts. Often these women are editors at popular magazines and thanks to social media (hello there, Instagram), we’re more connected to our favorite influencers today than ever before.

Hoboken Career Girl

I’m lucky that in my role as the owner of a beauty and wellness PR agency, I find myself working with them regularly. What is even more amazing is that so many of them live and play within this little gem of a community we have here in Hoboken. So, without further ado, I’m thrilled to bring to you the latest installment of Hoboken Career Girl: This one’s all about April Franzino, Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping magazine.

She is this pretty in real life, SWEAR!

She is this pretty in real life, SWEAR!

I met April at an NYC cafe for our interview on a freezing morning and I remember looking around and noticing how disheveled everyone (myself included) was. Our faces looked windburnt, there was so much static electricity, and the streets must have been freshly salted because just about everyone had those whitish streaks working on their boots. It was one of those days that made looking good very difficult. But in walked April, looking every bit the way you’d expect a beauty editor to look: her cold weather gear was beyond chic, her skin looked hydrated beneath perfect touches of color, and her hair was amazing. And that was after she took her knitted hat off. We had met in passing before and corresponded for work on a number of occasions but this was the first opportunity I had to sit with her and gain some real insight into her career, and I was so excited to get started.

How she got started


April attended New York University where she was a journalism major and knew early on that she wanted to become a beauty editor. Her drive and determination earned her a coveted spot as an intern at Lucky magazine during her sophomore year. After graduating a semester early, April went on to hold positions at Allure, Jane, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, People StyleWatch, Fitness and Self before landing her current gig as Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping.

Particularly interesting to me was how she got that first internship: April cold-called a number of magazines and happened to hear back from a beauty assistant. When I asked her what advice she’d give women who aspire to a similar career, she didn’t hesitate:

“Intern as much as you can. You need to make it work. The fact of the matter is that if you want it bad enough, you will make it work,” she said. “Interning his how you make connections and knowing people is everything. I would never be where I am today without the help of so many editors who were overly generous with their time.”

Her two other pieces of advice to aspiring beauty editors is to {1} write as much as possible {a personal blog is a great medium} and {2} to be diligent about keeping in touch. “Email every couple of months to catch up. Ask to meet for a cup of coffee or just ask how the person is. Strike that happy medium between being on their radar but not being too aggressive.”

Some of her mentors include Alyssa Hertzig {currently Brides beauty director and a Hoboken girl herself!}, Eleanor Langston, Katie Dickens, and Elaine D’Farley.

“Watching all these editors who I work with is what inspires me,” April says. “I want to emulate their confidence, the ideas they constantly have, their out-of-the-box thinking, and how they present themselves. It’s all part of their success. I hope to take the best of all of those women I’m privileged to work with and carry it around with me. At least I try to!”


A day in the life

April walked me through her cold weather beauty stash. Have no fear - a post with her tips is coming soon!

April walked me through her cold weather beauty stash. Have no fear – a post with her tips is coming soon!

The life of a beauty editor changes daily.  April’s duties include coordinating product shots, assigning stories to writers, editing and writing stories, testing beauty products, pitching new stories, attending launch and other brand events, and much more.

One of the things she loves most about having found her spot in beauty is how smart it is, and how, as opposed to her colleagues who work in fashion, beauty editors often have the opportunity to write much more. The reason, April explained, is that so much beauty content is driven by science-based information.

“The best part of working in beauty is how much innovation there is and the experts at the top of their field we have to learn from. Just having that info to delve into is a huge perk of the job,” she says, adding that even she was surprised at first by some of it. “I’ve ended up studying more science and clinical studies as a beauty editor than I ever thought possible.”



The best parts of living in Hoboken

According to April, one of the best parts of life in Hoboken is the small town feel you get, but with all of the conveniences of living so close to the city. Some of her favorite haunts include:

Anthony Davids & Bin14 where “The food is just so fresh and beautifully presented in a gorgeous atmosphere.”

The Elysian Cafe’s bar for “its architecture and original artwork.”

Onieal’s at 4th and Park where according to April, the hot buttered rum in the winter “is a must.”


Giorgio’s Bakery – “Forget the cake boss!”

“There’s nothing better than sitting on the pier.”

After about an hour long chat, April had to get going. The final impression she left me with is that she is the consummate Career Girl. Talented and exceptionally hard working, April also happens to be a genuinely nice person who prides herself on both her work (check out one of the most recent beauty pages she worked on here) and her ability to pay it forward, “I get to help other girls whose shoes I was in at one time. It’s very fulfilling to help them along in their careers.”


April Franzino is currently the Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping. You can follow her on Instagram at Twitter (@aprilfranzino).

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