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Caption This: Seymour {The Sunbathing Seal}

by Jennifer Tripucka
wonder lofts
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Maybe the reports that the Hudson River is getting cleaned up and that spring is coming {maybe?} ARE true… there was a sunbathing seal spotted by Hoboken resident Ryan Bensley who tweeted about it earlier today.

hipster seal pier 13 hoboken

^ Seymour the Seal, soakin’ up the rays.

Since we’ve taken the liberty of naming him, we are also thinking he thought Amanda Banana’s was open already. Unfortunately we need some warmer temps for the food trucks to come out, so tonight he’s going to have to settle for some of the Hudson River’s finest. As long as he doesn’t get too close to food truck Dark Side of the Moo {known for their exotic animal dishes}, he’s good.

This isn’t the first time that a seal has been spotted, as there was a baby seal sighting in 2010 by several Hoboken residents, too. Soooo cute!


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