Café Verde Vita: Bringing Italy {to Hoboken}

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After a fun {and exhausting!} day into night of boutique-crawling around town, my friends and I decided to meet for breakfast uptown in Hoboken last Sunday morning. Craving some coffee and carbs, we easily decided on the fairly new spot, Verde Vita, an Italian eatery located between 12th and 13th Street on Washington. You’ll know you’re there when you see the beautiful ceramic tables {tavolini} that are outside on a beautiful day.

verde vita coffee shop

Adorable authentic Italian tables…you can’t miss ’em!

I know what you’re thinking. GREAT. Another Italian eatery. But I beg to differ. Having studied abroad in Rome and traveled Italy extensively for several months, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food. There is something about European food {especially Italian} that just feels fresher and more delicious than American food. I will say that a ton of Italian restaurants in Hoboken {while delicious} are VERY Americanized {with tons of salts, additives, and [gasp!] canned sauce}. However, after speaking to the owner {who also owns Viola Vita, a leather goods shop a few doors down}, I found out that a lot of the food is directly imported from Italy. Even better. An aside: when I lived in Italy, I lost about 7 pounds over the course of a few months while simultaneously eating a big bowl of fresh pasta of every night. No, I didn’t cut calories or carbs: I attribute it to the freshness of the food and the lack of preservatives…


Anyway, first things first — coffee {of sorts}. I ordered myself an iced decaf cappuccino {couldn’t resist} and it came with whole milk. I know you’re probably thinking why whole? But, trust me. Just order the cappuccino and let them work their magic. Deeeeelicious…and it’s iced! My lunch dates also ordered cafe lattes with regular whole milk – which were served in some mugs:


photo 2

For our meals, we ordered baguettes with various toppings. Try anything on a baguette – personally, I had the mozzarella and tomato salad with arugula and basalmic + olive oil. Holy cannolllllli, so delicious. They also have burrata – which is a fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream. It is out-of-this-world.

photo 3

My Sammy <3

I ate the whole thing. I was starving, so I also ordered a chocolate filled croissant, which was heavenly. 

photo 3

A peek at the menu… not extensive, but definitely will hit the spot.

The girls all requested some OJ – 100% fresh squeezed. I may have just been hungry and thirsty, but we all agreed it was AMAZING. So fresh.

photo 1

OJ – freshly squeezed right in front of us!

Besides the fresh food and drink, Verde also has a ton of fresh Italian olive oil and other goodies. You can sample them as well:

photo 2

Lots to sample and buy…mmm

FYI: They sell organic bottled milk and olive oil from spickets that you can bring your containers and get a fresh fill. Took me back to my time in Venice, where you could bring in an empty water or wine bottle and fill it up with wine. BEST {and worst} idea ever. A little more intense than some olive oil, but EVOO will suffice in Hoboken for now {especially since Bin 14 is up the street}.

Olive oil ready for the taking. Turning water into...olive oil.

Olive oil ready for the taking. Turning water into…olive oil.

 As far as decor, Verde Vita definitely embodies the Hoboken vibe combined with a little bit of Italia. I loved the white caesarstone countertops {which I only know because my own countertops are caesarstone!}. Beautiful exposed brick and decor that brings you to a place of calm {+ there are stools so you can sit and have your espresso at the bar}.

photo 5

Caesarstone Countertops! {and the orange juice squeezer}

I adore the bread along the walls and fresh parmesan cheese ready to be sliced {which is almost part of the decor, if you ask me!}:

photo 4

Bread. Cheese. Heaven.

Needless to say, I recommend a trip to Verde Vita ASAP. I would not recommend it if you’re into low carb, skim milk type joints…or if you are in a hurry. The staff is extremely friendly, but we can say they are definitely on European {?} time. It’s a place to enjoy a nice stroll to with friends or your significant other, enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee + a newspaper, and perhaps eat a fresh sandwich on a baguette {well, pane} while filling up your container of olive oil. You won’t be disappointed. Buon Appetito!

Have you been to Verde Vita? What did you think?

PS: they don’t have a phone number. I looked and looked for one {or a website} online…but there’s nothing. How’s that for old school?


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