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5 Hoboken Hot Spots to Help You Cool Off

by Jennifer Tripucka
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July is coming to an end, but the days are definitely still hot, if not getting hotter. I don’t know about you, but when I’m walking around Washington Street, there’s nothing more that I crave than a nice cool or frozen drink. Sometimes a good, cold brain freeze is totally worth the headache. There are so many fabulous places in Hoboken to cool off – but I decided to compile a few that I’ve visited lately.

1. Love and Yogurt – Frozen Yogurt + Vegan Fro Yo 

om sweet home

Love & Yogurt is a fantastic fro yo spot {one of my faves in Hoboken}. They have a nice variety of flavors, and way more natural ingredients than some of the other fro yo chains.The toppings are always full, and the fruit is always fresh. Recently, they just introduced VEGAN {aka dairy free} frozen yogurt by Simply Home Goods. Plus, they deliver. WIN-WIN-WIN.

2. Rejuice-A-NationSmoothies and Fresh Squeezed Juices

Formula 1 Freshly Squeezed Juice

Rejuice-A-Nation is a great spot for smoothies. It is still one of my go-tos, and I have also really gotten into their juices. They have freshly squeezed juices that you can order – one thing to mention is that because the juices are freshly squeezed, they aren’t always the coldest. I usually ask for them to blend some ice into it as well. Formula 1 (above) and the 911 Turbo Juice are my favorites, and you can never go wrong with a shot of wheatgrass! My only other wish is for their juices to be organic. Now wouldn’t thaaat be nice! 

3. Rita’sItalian Ices & Mistos

Watermelon Italian Ice

Slushy italian ices are what Rita’s known for, however, they also have mistos, which are a shake made with liquid custard and any flavor of ice or ices you drink with a straw. Delicious! Not dairy free of course, FYI.


4. Mikie SquaredFrozen Margaritas

Frozen Margarita mikie squared

I won’t lie –  Mikie Squared margaritas are good – nothing life changing. But, paired with their yummy food {chicken caesar wrap with sweet potato fries, ah-hemmm}, they are perfect. Mikie Squared has THE best salads and wraps – another favorite is the Cindy’s platter (grilled chicken, roasted veggies, avocado + basalmic dressing). It’s quite yummy- so it’s hard not to pair it with a nice little refreshing margarita.

Other good places for margs: Charritos (BYO Tequila), Baja, and East LA to name a few.

Where’s your favorite Margarita spot?

5. Cafe Matt & Meera – 100% Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice 1

Yes, you heard correctly…cafe Matt & Meera has blended watermelon juice (freshly blended with JUST fruit). Soooo refreshing, especially when paired with their spicy and fun takes on traditional Indian cuisine. Have you tried?

…And of course, if you’re into more generic (and delicious) ice cream, you can always stop into Ben & Jerry’s on Washington for a delicious scoop of Fish Food (my favorite flavor)!

What is your favorite place in Hoboken to cool off?

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