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Behind the Dog {on the Ledge}: Meet Skipper

by Will
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As many of our readers know, Tuesday morning the Hoboken Fire Department rescued a dog who was on a third story ledge on 12th and Washington. Many shocked and concerned Hobokenites looked on as Hoboken’s bravest rescued the poor pup. We’d like to report that the furry Hobokenite is safe and sound. We’d also like to bring you the story of how he exactly got up there on that ledge!


^Skipper was back in action at the dog park a day after the ledge incident!

Meet Skipper: a four year old rescued mutt. His dad was so kind as to explain to us how Skipper got stranded up on the ledge.

“I had walked Skipper in the early morning and left for work.” says Skipper’s fur dad. “He was happy when I left. Later I saw on the news that a dog had been rescued off a ledge in Hoboken. When I saw the photo and recognized the building and the dog, I was mortified!”


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^Hobokenites held their breath as firefighters rescued Skip!

As Skipper’s dad explains; “After he was rescued we discovered how Skip got there. The fire alarm was low on battery and started beeping. Skip hates beeping noises. They make him super anxious. He broke through the screen on the window and climbed out onto the ledge to escape the noise.”

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Skipper was on the ledge for 30 minutes. He didn’t move and was seemed to be paralyzed with fear. Fire fighters extended their ladder, climbed up and were able to get Skipper back into his apartment. Thank goodness!


^Shoutout to Hoboken’s bravest for saving our furry resident!

{photo: Andrew Price}

“I feel so bad that Skip had to go through that but I am grateful to the Hoboken Fire Department for calmly pushing him back into our apartment. We’re so lucky!” his dad shared.

All Hoboken dog lovers can breathe a sigh of relief. Skipper was back to running around and playing fetch at The Shipyard dog park the very next day!




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