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Baby Soul: BYOB Postnatal Yoga in Hoboken

by Erin
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If you think you’ve heard of or have experienced every yoga class Hoboken has to offer, think again. Baby Soul — BYOB Postnatal Yoga at Asana Soul Practice is a one of a kind class that allows yogis to bring their tiny future yogis, aged one to six months. One of our Hoboken mama contributors, Erin, tells us all about her experience in the class and why she opted for it with her little babe. Read on to learn all about this BOYB postnatal yoga class right here in Hoboken.

Erin’s Pre-Yoga Feelings

When my girl turned just about nine weeks old and had her two-month shots, my body was aching for some gentle yet meaningful movement. But with my new little sidekick, finding a place to work out other than my living room was a challenge.

She was too little for nearly all the in-studio babysitting services and wasn’t the best at occupying herself with toys while I got on with my own workout. BYO Baby was the perfect solution. We both loved the gentle workout, togetherness, and connection it gave us.

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The Space

Located at 411 Jefferson Street, the clean and cozy studio offered plenty of room for strollers in the lobby before entering the yoga space. With colorful wall decals {that the babes love to look at}, the simple studio had mats, bolsters, blocks, and blankets. All you really need to bring is a muslin for baby and a toy to play with.

The Class

The class, led by friendly fellow mama Kaelyn, begins with introductions of mamas + babies, and it was a great way to meet new people and put faces to names of moms you might “meet” in an online mom group, too.

With gentle stretches for both mom and baby, the class then followed a pretty standard vinyasa style format, with a focus on rebuilding your core {much appreciated}. Collaborative and interactive poses were a feature, too, including “super baby” {letting the baby “fly,” supported} which my daughter loved, and was amazing for releasing lower back tension.

By the final savasana, it’s ideally the time you’ll be able to lay down, relax and snuggle your babe, soaking in all the work you’ve just put in. Or, if you’re my daughter, you’ll use this time to scream your tiny head off while all the other babies and mamas get their chill on. Either way, it works. {Side note: The vibes are incredibly supportive during class. If your baby is fussy, hungry, or needs a diaper change, nobody bats an eye while you tend to your little one}.

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If you’re new to Asana Soul Practice, you can get two unlimited weeks for only $35. Otherwise, drop in class rates are $25 per class. While offering an unlimited amount of classes, one studio membership costs $99 per month.

Have you tried a BYOB post-natal yoga class yet? Let us know in the comments!

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